Anna Maria Horner (courtesy Anna Maria Horner)
 I first came across a copy of Anna Maria Horner’s Seams to Me  when I was browsing the craft section at the bookstore. I had one of those instant physical reactions you get when you see something you love so much you can’t believe it’s in your hands at that very moment: sort of tingly, short of breath, and a little dizzy. This was my aesthetic: colorful, smart, playful, and funky.

The shortness of breath returned when I spotted her fabrics at Purl Patchwork in New York City (and blew my fabric spending budget). When I got back home, I started reading her blog and immediately loved the warmth and honesty of her voice. And few months later, when I was five months pregnant, I got a copy of her newest book, Handmade Beginnings. How nice that Anna Maria wrote a book just for me, I thought! I whipped up a handful of the projects in a frenzy, so excited to be able to make cute maternity clothes  and an adorable baby doll and quilt to introduce my two-year-old to the idea of a new baby (he’s now become obsessed with the baby doll, as I’ve written about before, and I made another doll for his cousin for Christmas, along with a dress!). Just last week, I visited Sewn, a shop here in town that’s about to open and is going to carry Anna Maria, and got to see Innocent Crush up close and in person. I had to remind myself to breathe.

I was nervous when I approached her about doing a Q&A for my blog because, well, she’s awesome, and I’m still very much a humble newbie in this craftastic blogosphere of talent. But of course she said yes, because that’s the kind of person she is. She also generously agreed to partner with me in a giveaway of Sew Retro. And on that note: wait until you see what she’s giving away!

Here's a look at the goods!
An Innocent Crush Cotton Fat Quarter Bundle and a Fat Quarter Stack of the whole Pastry Line Collection, plus one yard of the Jewel Velveteen!
A closer look at that luscious velveteen!
The ENTIRE Anna Maria pattern collection!
Yes, you saw correctly! In addition to receiving a signed copy of my book, Sew Retro, the lucky winner will get the following:
   -- A fat quarter bundle of Innocent Crush (cottons)
   -- A fat quarter stack of the Pastry Line collection
   -- A one-yard cut of Jewel Velveteen
   -- The ENTIRE Anna Maria sewing pattern collection--that's 10 in all (Proper Attire Skirt, Ruthie Clutch, Sidewalk Satchel, Roundabout Dress & Slip, Gathering Flowers Quilt, Socialite Dress, Flower Patch Pillow, Evening Empire Dress, Study Hall Skirt, and Multi-Tasker Tote).

I think you'll agree, that's pretty flippin' amazing! So, to enter: read every single fabulous word Anna Maria says, and then leave a comment about what you would like to see Anna Maria design next. Me? I'd love to see her modern take on the jumper.

The giveaway ends Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 at 10:00 am EST. I'll pick a winner at random; I'll post the winner, and also email you, so make sure your email address shows up.

Thanks everyone for participating, the giveaway is now over. But stay tuned for more giveaways! And you can still enjoy this lovely Q&A with Anna Maria.

And now, the Q&A with Anna Maria . . .

Q: You have six kids, including a toddler. Do you sleep?!
   Anna Maria: YES!

Q: Seriously, how do you balance it all and manage to stay so on top of your game, creatively speaking?
   Anna Maria: Oh that’s a good question! I've learned to be patient with my family, but more importantly patient with myself. Everyone but Roman is school age now, so that definitely allows me some hours in the day during the school year to absorb myself in my work. But the fact of the matter is, I just take it when I can get it!  Some days there is no way I am going to get focused work done in the studio so during those times, I just clean, organize. Or I might do some type of hand work in the kids' space, like the playroom or their rooms, which makes it seem like I'm not really working. I am lucky that my work includes various levels of processes—some that I have to do in seclusion, and others that I can do in a family atmosphere. So the trick is pairing the task with opportunity just right.  Which I mess up. Often!

Q: Sew Retro is all about the history of sewing for the various generation of women. What is your personal sewing history? Who taught you and what role has sewing played in your life?
   Anna Maria: My mama taught me how to sew, but I learned mostly by observation and tinkering. She made so much for us—dresses, blouses, toys, doll cloths, décor for our rooms. I love reminiscing about the sweet little calico fabrics she chose for our school dresses. I especially cherish my fabric store memories when I was old enough to help pick out the fabrics for my clothes—what a dream that was. It was invigorating for me, even as a young girl—so much more fun than shopping the girls’ section of the department store! Both of my grandmothers did a beautiful job at any needlecraft that they picked up—crochet, knitting, and needlework. It was all very inspiring as a young girl. I ponder sometimes what life would have been like without those influences, and while I trust that I would have come to the arts one way another because of my nature, I am thankful that it was handed to me by my family.

Q: Does vintage (like retro fashion or vintage textiles) play a role in your creative process? What are some of your favorite sources for vintage inspiration?
   Anna Maria: Not too different than many designers, I love looking through old archives of furniture, clothing, and interior design. Sometimes it’s on websites or at libraries, but most often it’s at markets, antique stores, etc. The Library of Congress is a very inspiring place to look through images of days past and you don't even have to leave your house. But when given the opportunity I love to peruse old goods in person.

Q: Your blog is gorgeous, and I know that hundreds—actually probably thousands—of sewers and craft enthusiasts follow it. How do you balance the work of a blog with the pay-the-bills kind of work? (I ask this because I know a lot of bloggers struggle with this, myself included.)
   Anna Maria: Thank you! This is something that definitely enters my mind as my schedule gets packed with projects. I love writing my blog and I can't imagine not doing it. It serves so many purposes for me. But I do have to remind myself that in regards to the tutorials and projects that I share there, from a business perspective, this is free content. If you're earning a living for what you do, there can only be so much free content in your business structure. So when other projects or collaborations present themselves, as inspiring or as fun as they sound, if it’s not a source of income for the business, I have to weigh its value and whether or not I have room for it while still keeping this place humming, employing myself and a handful of people. Now this is partly because I don't use at my blog as a revenue generator by taking advertising, etc. I do get asked a lot about placing ads on my site, but there's an obligation then set in place to post very regularly, and then I might also feel the pressure of what those posts are suppose to be, etc. Whereas currently, my blog is probably the easiest, most fluid, no-stress thing that I do. All that said, I have been working on pay-the-bills kind of work for years longer than I have been writing a blog, so it’s mostly just been working the blog story into my work story. So far, so good. However, I am aware of how much my blog has enhanced the business. I think this is due in large part to the fact that a lot of the fabric that I design is how-to based. And I very often share how-I-do. 

Q: Clothing design seems to be an area that you’re really focusing on. I don’t know about you, but now that I’m in my late-ish 30s, I’m starting to feel sort of old, like I can’t keep up with the trends in fashion! How do you keep up, and figure out which trends to let into your creative process and which ones to tell, “no thanks!”
   Anna Maria: Keeping up is made simple because I visit style.com almost daily and have for YEARS—pretty much as long as they've been in existence (which is around the same time I gave up my WWD subscription). I think the editing that takes place has to do with what kind of a fashion customer I am. I think if I've learned anything in my personal life of style (and five years as a clothing designer for my own label) it’s knowing what to say no to. I am also very lucky to have a daughter (19) who is really just one demographic age below me who provides fantastic input from her perspective. I am a 38-year-old woman and I employ women who are 24, 26, and 30. Their occasional input is really wonderful because I have the filter of various ages younger than me, each with their own perspective. This is also the same group of ages that I design for /sell to most often. 

Q: I love your new line, Innocent Crush. It feels like, well, an innocent crush! What was your inspiration for the line? 
   Anna Maria: It was really just a very simple idea. The smallest phrase or idea can inspire a narrative which fuels the colors, forms, and print arrangements in my mind as I work. I always have forms, colors swirling around up in my head; they are sort of a cast of characters, if that makes sense. Coming up with a collection title just gives them all a story to play a part in. I know it sounds a little vague, and obscure, but I am a story-based person. Narrative is important and inspiring to me. This has been true since the beginning creative endeavors . . . from my handmade dollhouses, to my charcoals in high school, to my paintings in art school, to my clothing line, to my fabric collections.

Q: So what can we expect to see from you in 2011? More patterns? More lines of fabric? Another book?
   Anna Maria: Yes to patterns, yes to fabric, and not really to a book. But a new collection of inspiration with a new collection of materials. Kind of under wraps for the time being, but I can't wait to share soon!  I also am working on some product lines in the fashion arena . . . and can't wait to spill the beans on those too!
Trae Flesher
1/18/2011 11:34:35 pm

Oooooooh, I am in need of some zany kitchen items...potholders, apron, curtains, placemats and napkins...all with a 50's retro feel. Let's have her design some of those goodies, okay?

Pamela Venneman
1/18/2011 11:50:56 pm

Home office decor help! Some things to make you smile on these gloomy days here in Cincinnati!

1/19/2011 12:28:20 am

I would love to see a new pattern for a vintage swing type jacket. I love them. And a good pattern would be wonderful for me.

1/19/2011 12:31:04 am

She's got dresses and skirts- perhaps a nice blouse? I have trouble finding tip patterns I like that aren't for knit fabrics.

1/19/2011 01:47:58 am

I'd love to see her design a few clothing items for the "still stylish, but over 40 crowd". Love her design asthetic but would like to see patterns for more than the 20-somethings. Patterns for dresses that I can pair with structured/tailored jackets for the corporate office would be ideal!

Keep pushing fabric manufacturers into the other substrates! Love the voile, love the velveteen, ready for knits, jersey---I want a wrap dress in many of the Innocent Crush prints!

1/19/2011 01:49:42 am

perfect inspirational items to help my CRAFTS FOR A CURE shake it up and raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

1/19/2011 02:38:49 am

Love her! This is branching out from textiles, but I'd love to see her beautiful patterns on other things like dishes, vases, even small furniture. How cool would that be?

1/19/2011 02:40:27 am

I'd love to see more bags. I adore the multi-tasker tote pattern - would love to see more!

1/19/2011 04:42:46 am

I think a jacket pattern would be cool - I've seen her material used for an infinity scarf, and a blazer style jacket would go with that so well.

1/19/2011 07:48:07 am

i live at work so i'd love to see some simple yet stylish tops that can be worn at work then out afterwards!

1/19/2011 11:19:00 am

Not being familiar with what she's got "out there" already, it's hard to say, but maybe some uncomplicated blouses...

1/19/2011 12:47:07 pm

Bags and more bags! I love AMH and you! such a great combination

1/19/2011 05:07:03 pm

I'd like well fitting T-shirts and simple skirts that are practical with a young family. Also bags for keeping keys and such separate from knitting.

1/19/2011 10:53:20 pm

I would love to see 1970's-style caftans and maxi-dresses. Also swimwear! Can you imagine swimsuits with those wonderful patterns and colour combos? ::swoon::

Lilian Pinto
1/19/2011 10:53:27 pm

I will like pyjamas!

1/19/2011 11:00:22 pm

What an amazing giveaway!!! Oh my, I have so many things I would love to see Anna Maria Horner do! I'd love some patterns for kids' clothing....especially little boys. My girls have so much, but I feel like the boys patterns are lacking! Also, simple, yet stylish patterns (for everyday wear) for moms. I'd particularly like an a-line skirt pattern that has a yoga fold over waist band (but the entire skirt is not made of stretch fabric).

1/19/2011 11:00:25 pm

I would love to see her design children's room decor. It would be great for my daughters room!

1/19/2011 11:04:21 pm

kitchen items would be wonderful!!

1/19/2011 11:09:08 pm

I'd love to see some knits and jerseys and... um... cool workout wear. Can you imagine what a splash you'd make at the gym in an Anna Maria print?

1/19/2011 11:13:43 pm

What a great giveaway! I would love kitchen items, workout gear, and work to going out blouses!

1/19/2011 11:18:56 pm

What a great giveaway! I think you can never have enough long skirts - maybe with a twist?

Jennifer P
1/19/2011 11:22:02 pm

Wow, I LOVE these! And need some new clothes anyway ;)

1/19/2011 11:24:55 pm

Oh, my! I LOVE AMH!!! Can I be like you when I grow up? ;0) I would love to see some knits-- fun, fun!

1/19/2011 11:26:02 pm

This is a lovely giveaway. I love long skirts and the book looks great! Thanks!

1/19/2011 11:27:13 pm

Great giveaway and I really would love to make some new stuff for a kitchen.

carolyn flores
1/19/2011 11:28:13 pm

Would like to see more organization ideas... since getting organized is one of my goals this year! So impresses that Anna Maria Horned can get it all done! Great interview!

1/19/2011 11:28:47 pm

Anna's study hall skirt & empire evening dress are my top favs. her fab. is also amazing

1/19/2011 11:35:38 pm

Maybe this sounds crazy but I'd love to see an accent chair or an ottoman,or even a lampshade in one of AMH's fabrics. That would be such a statement piece in a room. I'd also love to see some paper goods (i.e. stationary) with her designs. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

1/19/2011 11:37:05 pm

I would love to see a retro wrap jacket that will work for plus sized folks.

1/19/2011 11:43:42 pm

Right now I am loving things that are simple! I've been sewing for years but resolved this year to actually get good at it! LOVE LOVE these fabrics here!!!

debra z
1/20/2011 12:00:55 am

I would love to see her design loungewear.Great giveaway btw!

1/20/2011 12:04:35 am

i would love clothes for young boys, and definitely some homewares. It would be so great to have my breakfast in a cheerful AMH print bowl and mug.

1/20/2011 12:04:49 am

Oh, wow!! What an amazing prize! I would definitely like to see Anna Maria design housewares: dishes, canisters, napkins, tableware, teapots, etc. I'd also really like to see her take on a blouse pattern.

1/20/2011 12:05:13 am

I would love to see some outerwear with her velveteen. Thanks for the fab giveaway.

1/20/2011 12:12:06 am

I would love some organization items for my sewing room!!

Shannon R
1/20/2011 12:16:57 am

I would love to see modern clothing for 30-ish women and also boys clothing ideas. I want to branch out into more clothing but want it to look trendy if I am going to spend the time and money! Love this fabric line, just love it.

1/20/2011 12:17:21 am

I'd love to see some stylish clothes that work for all body types. As a somewhat larger than "sample size", it can be hard to find something flattering to sew!

1/20/2011 12:20:06 am

Thanks - would love to see swimwear and formal wear.

Dee Hayes
1/20/2011 12:20:24 am

I would love to see more bags! I have given more Multitaskers as gifts and Seams to me is on my to buy list as well as Sew Retro.

1/20/2011 12:29:36 am

What a fantastic looking book! I'd love to see more simple dresses.

1/20/2011 12:32:56 am

What a great giveaway!

1/20/2011 12:34:13 am

This giveaway is TO DIE FOR! I too love all things Anna Maria and Sew Retro! Anna Maria is so amazing at all things fabric and paper, I bet she would be amazing at designing pottery/china. I would also like to see what kind of ideas she has as far as headwear (hats/headbands/etc).

I really really want this! :)

1/20/2011 12:34:50 am

I would love to see some more bags! Maybe a hat?

Shannon R2
1/20/2011 12:39:06 am

Wow! What a nice giveaway!

Kelly Bronsink
1/20/2011 12:44:04 am

I would love some vintage type kids patterns, especially for boys. Boys patterns are really hard to find,especially in a classic style. I really think her patterns are full of classic style.

1/20/2011 01:05:40 am

i am dying for some dresses from Sabrina-- a little Audrey-how-to action please :) :)

1/20/2011 01:06:43 am

Coats and jackets...I love the vintage patterns! Audrey Hepburn-ish would be great.

1/20/2011 01:17:32 am

How 'bout something along the lines of tote bags and cute gift ideas (birthdays, holidays, etc.) ... I've made most everyone in my family aprons, but I'd love to see something easy to sew and yet really functional :D.

1/20/2011 02:06:02 am

I have been thinking I need to get to the bookstore and pick up a copy of Sew Retro. I was also thinking of getting Handmade Beginnings. This must be fate!

What would I like to see. Well I keep my eyes on summer so I love simple and stylish skirt patterns and definitely tops. Simple and stylish being the key words there. :) I'm a huge fan of fashion from the 30's and 40's though I don't know if I could pull off the looks. But definitely clothes that are flattering to a variety of body types is high on my list of things I'd like to see.

The Study Hall skirt is on my list of "patterns to buy and make".

1/20/2011 02:07:41 am

Love bag patterns. And the fabric is de-lish! Great giveaway!

1/20/2011 02:17:36 am

Like others, I'd like to see retro inspired patterns adapted for plus sizes. Otherwise, everything she does is fab!

1/20/2011 02:19:13 am

A retro inspired coat for women! I would love to use a fabric from her velveteen fabrics and tackle a coat just for me! :)

Holly H
1/20/2011 02:20:49 am

I love Anna Maria's patterns. I made the multi tasker tote, and the directions were so easy to follow! I'd love to see more kids clothes patterns.

1/20/2011 02:21:33 am

Anything that would help a 40-something mom of a toddler look somewhat cool rather than frumpy--but is still comfy enough for home life. That's a tall order! :-) Thanks for this awesome chance!

1/20/2011 02:21:38 am

oooh, more quilt patterns please!

1/20/2011 02:23:56 am

I would love to see her make Rain boots - I love her fabric and I think they would make awesome wellies.

1/20/2011 02:27:58 am

Wallpaper. Tons and tons of wallpaper!

1/20/2011 02:28:11 am

I would love to see Anna design some costumes! Her children are always looking so awesome at Halloween - help us out!

1/20/2011 02:29:44 am

What a fantastic giveaway! At the moment I can't get enough of apron patterns and I would love to see more. Also 1950s jackets with a swing back and a soft Dior collar..and easy to sew;)

1/20/2011 02:32:03 am

I would love to see more dresses or bags.

1/20/2011 02:32:27 am

What a fantastic giveaway! At the moment I can't get enough of apron patterns, so perhaps more of these. Also a good 1950s swing jacket with a soft Dior collar...and easy to sew;))

beth lehman
1/20/2011 02:33:09 am

Next?? Who cares! It'll be fabulous!! Actually, I think she should slow down and let me work on collecting bits and pieces of the new fabric line. It "Seams to me" that her eye for color and fashion should stay with fabrics - selfishly, of course! I think her collections using different fabrics have really made quilters think about other kinds of sewing! elizabethlehman@hotmail.com

1/20/2011 02:34:56 am

I'd love to see some maxi dresses, with sleeves please because I hate my arms ;)

What a fantastic giveaway, thank you for the chance to win!!

1/20/2011 02:35:50 am

I would love to see some bag designs-- I'm a sucker for a good bag. I also agree with the sentiment that designs for the kitchen would be amazing, I'd love to incorporate more color and fun there!

1/20/2011 02:36:06 am

I would love to see more sewing patterns for girls. I have a 7-year-old, and she's in that lost area for sewing and knitting patterns. I wish there was more out there for the little girl who wants to be a little girl and not a small adult woman.
I love all of Anna Maria's stuff, I know that whatever comes next will be terrific!

Jennifer Singer
1/20/2011 02:36:28 am

I love AMH!

I would love to see what she could do with knit fabrics!

1/20/2011 02:37:56 am

Love Anna Maria! And love that she introduced us to you! Would love to see more quilts of hers - love love love color and patterns! Thank you for the opportunity!

1/20/2011 02:37:58 am

AnnaMaria is just wonderful! I'd love it if she'd design a blouse flattering for those of us who are well-endowed!

1/20/2011 02:38:00 am

Amazing! I'd love to see a casual yet fun jacket - something to go casual with jeans out on a cool spring/summer night, or using one of the velveteens for a fall day/evening. A blouse pattern with one of the voiles would be fun too - maybe something tunic-y.

1/20/2011 02:40:18 am

I love reading Anna Maria's blog and love drooling over pictures of her work. Since I'm now in my 40's & not a "small" size anymore, I'd LOVE to see some of the fun, funky styles tailored to those of us in the, um, "Women's" sizes (the step past Ladies'---LOL!). I am sure ANY fabric Anna Maria creates will be amazing.

1/20/2011 02:43:55 am

Awesome giveaway! I have been a huge Anna Maria Horner fan for years. With a baby girl on the way, I'd love to see even more patterns and ideas for little ones! Thanks for the interview.

marci m
1/20/2011 02:44:29 am

i was so happy to discover your blog and this interview! what a great giveaway, too. i would be interested in some more bag patterns (can there ever be too many) and maybe lingerie? that might be fun in those luxurious fabrics.

1/20/2011 02:45:00 am

What a fun interview! I love most of the shapes she designs, but I'd be interested to see a more tailored dress using a few different fabrics as accents!

1/20/2011 02:45:03 am

I would love to see some super cute lounge pants! Or maybe some cute capris.

1/20/2011 02:47:00 am

Like some of the other readers above I would love some beautiful blouse patterns.... something that showed off your beautiful voile fabrics.... that were feminine, flattering and comfortable.... Love AMH fabrics, colors and designs!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Jane Corbett
1/20/2011 02:47:21 am

I'm a big fan of Anna Maria's blog and her books. Would love to win some of her fabric to incorporate into my quilts. thank you!

1/20/2011 02:48:35 am

Honestly, I'm most excited about her fabric! I'm too poor to buy already made things. ;-) I do love the rugs she sells, though....so gorgeous!

1/20/2011 02:49:05 am

Great interview!
I would love to see more dresses (cause a girl can never have enough frocks!) and some tops - spring/summer blouses, with comfortable shaping, to show off her phenomenal prints!

1/20/2011 02:50:36 am

What an AMAZING give away! I love Anna Maria's work! soo pretty! thanks so much for the chance to win!

1/20/2011 02:50:51 am

Love Anna Maria! I would like to see some nighty or summer jammies patterns designed for the voile. I bet it would be super comfy!

1/20/2011 02:50:57 am

I would love to see her prints in knits - for new design takes on dresses and skirts!

1/20/2011 02:51:03 am

I love Anna Maria Horner's quilts! I'm obsessed with the quilt the has in her blog header right now. I would love to see more quilt designs from her. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

1/20/2011 02:51:47 am

I would love to see what she could design for embroidery patterns. Her artwork is just so beautiful, I think she could get me back into embroidery --well maybe something not Spanish black work.

But I think what I would like to see most of all, is her tackle crochet patterns. So many crochet patterns just feel so 'old' or limited to afghans and scarves that I would be inspired to hook even more with her designing clothing that was fresh and modern.

1/20/2011 02:53:42 am

I love Anna Maria's quilts and would love to see more! Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway!

1/20/2011 02:55:22 am

i've been obsessed with amh's work for some time now. i think i'd like to see more muted options of her STELLAR colorful fabrics. I'm an earthtoned girl who likes a pop of color. I'd love to be able to use her fabrics for both of those.


1/20/2011 02:55:59 am

Oh how I adore anna maria horner's taste, and designs. Somehow she always manages to put the perfect color combinations together, along with pattern, without looking too loud or busy. I hope someday to have this same skill as fine tuned as she has. I would just love to see more beautiful fabrics, to keep me inspired and wanting more.

1/20/2011 02:59:03 am

i would love for her to do a jacket. Maybe a blazer or trench. So lovely in the velveteen.

1/20/2011 02:59:50 am

I would love to see more womens clothing designs, blouses, skirts dresses, anything really. I have her first book which is so inspiring and just love the way she writes.

1/20/2011 03:02:19 am

I love her fabrics and her blog. I'd love to win some of that delicious fabric.

1/20/2011 03:02:46 am

Would so love to see some knits from Anna, prints & solids. Would also like to see a whole set of coordinating solids (or fabrics that read as solids) for her fabrics. I'm so sad that the Good Folks line has been discontinued :( Please bring it back!
I would also love to see more ideas for using the velveteen.
LOVE anything AMH designs!

1/20/2011 03:02:56 am

Um...wow! What a giveaway! I agree with previous comments - I would love to see a cute blouse that would be appropriate for work, or play! Love AMH anything - thanks for the chance!

1/20/2011 03:03:08 am

I'd love to see her apply her eye for style to some tops that look totally normal, but are secretly nursing tops!

1/20/2011 03:06:43 am

Thank you for a wonderful interview with the lovely Anna Maria Horner. Like you I just love her and all her creations. I have two girls so have really enjoyed her patterns for kids and babes. I think I would love to see a top for woman (although that seems like the hardest of all patterns to create). I'd like to see something simple but with her beautiful twist.

1/20/2011 03:07:47 am

Well, I am always anxious for her new fabric lines and would love to see her do something with knit fabrics

1/20/2011 03:09:00 am

What a giveaway!!! I want to see more clothing patterns and bags! I love sewing bags :-)

1/20/2011 03:09:45 am

I love anything AMH does - I like someone's idea of some dishes or something. I would buy those immediately!

1/20/2011 03:12:50 am

So glad Anna Maria introduced us to you. Your blog is so interesting and I'm going to stay awhile and look around.
I would love to see skirts and blouses. Comfortable and easy, and designed for those of us who are--well--full figured. Dresses are hard for me to make because I have to adjust too much.
Thanks for the great giveaway.

1/20/2011 03:14:09 am

I would love to see Anna do a tutorial or pattern for some kind of headwear... a hat or fabric head band designs.

1/20/2011 03:16:20 am

I love the delicious fabric options...so I guess I'd like to see some jersey, or linen, or more flannel and velveteen. But really, I just love her prints, so she could print them on feed sacks and I'd love them:)
beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

Mary Claire
1/20/2011 03:17:12 am

Another purse please. Pleeeaaaasssseeee! As my three year old thinks, "I said please, now you have to do it". =)

I enjoyed the Q and A, thanks!

1/20/2011 03:18:43 am

"...I also am working on some product lines in the fashion arena . . . and can't wait to spill the beans on those too!" Hmmm...curiousity piqued!

What would I like to see her design? More simple tops/multi variations within one pattern.

Love your book, Sew Retro, btw!

1/20/2011 03:18:59 am

Oh, I heart Anna Maria and all her creations! I love all her patterns, but would cherish another skirt pattern or two.....and um, lets see....a dress pattern! The ones she already has made, rock, so the more the better! Love how Anna Maria's patterns are so easy to read/follow!
Nice to find your site, and book as well!
Best wishes,

1/20/2011 03:19:17 am

I would like to see a more tailored dress or shirt. Maybe something with a retro flair to it, or maybe more modern. It's hard to decide.

1/20/2011 03:19:35 am

Amazing giveaway! Home accessories are always a hit for me. But clothing accessories that reach across age groups would also interest me a great deal--particularly with AMH's signature take on them.

Thanks for the giveaway!

1/20/2011 03:20:54 am

I'd love to see Anna's take on a modern-yet-still childish tunic for my little girl.

1/20/2011 03:21:40 am

So just the other day I found the cutest ever kids vintage-esk jumper in a popular English clothing catalogue and just have to agree with you. I would love to see AMH design a cute kids jumper. Also I know this is extremely particular but would love AMH to post the pattern for the toy stuffed dog pictured with the nesting cubes in Handmade Beginnings. I love that floppy dog. Wonderful giveaway and fabulous blog and thank you for a great interview.

1/20/2011 03:21:48 am

Please---men's clothing or boys' clothing? I'd love to see what she would come up with. This prize is awesome... I hope I win!

1/20/2011 03:21:53 am

What a terrific giveaway! Anna Maria Horner seems like such a nice person. I would love to see formal wear designs, more quilt designs or maybe some crochet designs.

1/20/2011 03:24:42 am

Can you put your designs on knits next, please?

1/20/2011 03:26:01 am

WOW! This is quite the giveaway -- thanks for the opportunity! Very nice interview as well. I think the next thing Anna Maria should design is MY HOUSE! Help! :) Seriously, though, I'm all about home decor items, zakka, functional art...

1/20/2011 03:27:30 am

With a giveaway like that, how could you not leave a comment... All of her patterns! I can't wait to see the new line of fabric she is working on. I would also like to see more of her clothing patterns. Thank you both for the chance to win.

1/20/2011 03:28:38 am

What an awesome give away~! And the Q&A with Anna is such a wonderful treat. I'd love to see her expand her home collection into vinyl wall applications or better yet - wallpaper!!! The hand painting she had on her dinning room walls (that she painted over this past summer/fall and blogged about) was divine.

1/20/2011 03:28:39 am

I would love to see some more spring/summer dresses. I have made the evening empire dress (short version) and I LOVE it!!

1/20/2011 03:29:48 am

What a great giveaway!! I would love to see more quilt patterns from her, the ones she has already done are fabulous!

1/20/2011 03:31:06 am

I'd love to see Anna Maria tackle a pattern for furniture slipcovers. How awesome would that be to shop for the slipcover and fabric in one amazing place done by one amazing designer.

1/20/2011 03:31:26 am

I would love a dress...is there anything more retro than a dress with a waist and a full skirt with a ballet neckline?
Great Q&A - loved it!

1/20/2011 03:37:59 am

So many crafters out there are lucky to be at home with kidlets, but I am a working woman. I would love some easy patterns for outfits that could be worn to client meetings... skirts, shift dresses, swing coats, accessories to jazz up the basic blacks and browns. Anna Maria's fabrics are so lovely and colorful, I want to take them with me to work!!

1/20/2011 03:39:11 am

I'd like to see more dresses. i love the socialite dress pattern she made.I really enjoyed reading the interview. Thanks!

1/20/2011 03:39:37 am

I'd love to see some yarn and some crochet patterns! I love that Anna Maria has been showing off her crochet lately!

Tobey Heckadon
1/20/2011 03:39:55 am

I love Anna Maria's style and I would love anything she came up with. I know that she crochets...and as a knitter I think it would be great if she came out with yarn:) I love her fabric so much. I would also love to see more pillow and bag patterns!

1/20/2011 03:41:42 am

wow, what a give-away! i'd love to see some more patterns for children, mostly girls from 2-10 years (ish) or maybe she should do a book of crochet patterns, as she seems to have been doing a far bit of hooking lately,

Shelly Stout
1/20/2011 03:41:47 am

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Anna's take on some HATS!

1/20/2011 03:41:56 am

I love Anna Maria Horner! I would LOVE to see some great blouse/shirt patterns from her, that would be awesome! WONDERFUL giveaway!

1/20/2011 03:43:14 am

I would love to see a coctail dress!

1/20/2011 03:43:56 am

i love all of her things but her dress patterns are always timeless and so adaptable, so I have to cast my vote for more dress patterns! ;)

1/20/2011 03:44:48 am

I would like to see comfy, casual clothes. I only wear a dress or skirt in the summer. Winter is too cold for that. A casual jacket would be nice.

1/20/2011 03:45:21 am

I will not be picky when it comes to my Anna Maria! But what I would really like is just to hang out with her one day!

Jade A
1/20/2011 03:45:33 am

Oh I'd love some fun flirty pj patterns, especially for her voile. And I second the comment from Shelly above. Hats would be so cool! I can't wait to dig into this blog. I haven't found it before.

1/20/2011 03:50:08 am

Oh MY! Boy do I know your feelings... I too get that feeling when it has anything to do with Anna Maria Horner. (As a matter of fact.... I got goose bumps and fogged vision read her blog post today... and then yours!)There is simply something about her eye. Her eye for everything beautiful and different. In not only her lines of fabric, her art, patterns etc, but also her family. She has one of the "prettiest" hearts on the lovely thing we call the WEB.
I am sooo excited to have found you through her blog. What a joy to spend a morning reading on here. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
I would LOVE to see her design a tailored jacket for women that could also be used for older girls (my daughter is almost 12). And another thing.... my girly wants to sew, she is (as well) in love with A M's designs, so maybe something for little ladies and gentlemen to sew on their own? OHHH.... there is her next book! A teaching guide with patterns for the hearts. lol.... I think I must stop. I am sorry for my goings on!
Lovely blog, Awesome Q&A! Thank you thank you!

1/20/2011 03:51:33 am

Fabric for the non-girly girl. While I love what she does design, I love it for other people, not for me.

1/20/2011 03:54:45 am

Totally agree with Jade A on some fun, flirty designs for the voile. I especially would love to see her expand into some plus sizes for those of us who need 'em. PJ patterns sound fun but I would love some vintage/thrift/Anthropologie-style shirt patterns. Something with puffed sleeves or ruffles. Something with even more girly, vintage flair!

1/20/2011 03:56:47 am

I woul love to see some bird fabric!

1/20/2011 03:57:40 am

I would LOVE some patterns for little girls dresses! Not baby but toddler and beyond =)

1/20/2011 04:00:04 am

I'd love to see some jewelry designs. Thanks for the giveaway!

1/20/2011 04:00:20 am

I can't think of a single thing that Anna Maria could design that I wouldn't love; her new blog posts are one of the best parts of my day! But, more dresses would be great. And quilts. And bags. Pajamas would rock!

And I nearly fell out of my chair over the giveaway! Thank You!!!

1/20/2011 04:01:50 am

I would love to see a collection of kitchen items from Anna Maria. Plates, glasses, platters, napkins, etc.

Meg L
1/20/2011 04:02:21 am

I would love some cute and easy pants for the elementary-school-age girl! Pants that could be made from denim, corduroy -- that could be customized with embroidery or applique!

1/20/2011 04:05:45 am

I'd love to see a Good Folks 2 line. I just adore that collection and would love to see her riff on that vein! Can't have too much of a good thing.

Lisa M.
1/20/2011 04:08:40 am

I love Innocent Crush and am planning on making the Proper Attire skirt in the future when my sewing skills get up to speed a bit more so I would love to see a skirt or dress pattern that is easy for the newer sewist to succeed at! Or what about a sweet bucket hat or large-brimmed hat for summer? I love her style and blog, both so inspiring!

1/20/2011 04:09:20 am

I'd love to see more child-sized patterns - clothes and toys. Also another quilt pattern or two :)

1/20/2011 04:09:35 am

Wonderful Q&A--thanks. How about a pattern for a bed jacket?

1/20/2011 04:10:41 am

I think the easier question is what I wouldn't like to see her do next. I love her design voice and how it comes across on everything she has done so far, so.....pajamas, more bags, some outerwear, dishes....you name it. I would love to see her designs in my kitchen, whether it be textile, plates, tiles, the sky is the limit.

1/20/2011 04:11:23 am

Great interview! I'd like to see her design more dresses. Dresses for ME!

1/20/2011 04:12:45 am

OOH! What a wonderful giveaway!

Let's see...I would LOVE to see a book of sewing/quilting patterns you can wear like shirts, skirts, jackets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, belts, hats, etc for women. I would love to be able to wear my creations more often and Anna Maria's taste so I think it's a winning combo!

Hope I win!

1/20/2011 04:13:38 am

More quilts, more bags and maybe some of her cool crochet patterns for pillows. What a fantastic giveaway!

1/20/2011 04:15:31 am

How about a belted trenchcoat?

1/20/2011 04:15:51 am

I adore Anna Maria's fabric! I would love to see a cute blouse pattern -I keep trying to start sewing clothes but haven't quite managed it. As a quilter I always love quilt patterns!

1/20/2011 04:17:19 am

Ooh, what would I like to see next from Anna? I would love to see more dresses or maybe another blouse pattern. Everything she designs is pretty fabulous. :)

1/20/2011 04:17:51 am

I would love to see her mixing her love of crochet with her love of sewing. I'm not sure how, but I am sure it would be awesome!

1/20/2011 04:20:14 am

I'm in love with Anna Maria's line of fabrics and patterns!!! :)

I think a romper would be so cute! and I could totally see her girls wearing them!

1/20/2011 04:20:53 am

Oh wow, this is an amazing giveaway! I'd love to see Anna Maria partner with a mass retailer to release a line of textiles. West Elm? Urban Outfitters?

1/20/2011 04:22:20 am

I love that AMH is designing with different types of fabric. I think her voile started a movement, How about some silks or knits?

1/20/2011 04:27:42 am

I've done a few Bo Peep skirts and they are so fun and intuitive to put together, so I'd really like to see more pieced and patchworked items for kids older than babies.
Also, another round of velveteen, please!

1/20/2011 04:27:42 am

I would love to see her design some more kids clothes. I made the adult sized study hall skirt for my 12 year old daughter and it worked out fine, but I would have loved to have it be an actual kid-sized pattern. There are so many fun patterns out there for my 3 year old daughter - but not so much for tweens. I bet AMH could kick butt in designing clothes in that arena.

1/20/2011 04:28:09 am

I would love to see some more boy clothes patterns. Let's liven up the boys' wardrobes!

Lori B.
1/20/2011 04:28:28 am

I would love to see her design yarns that coordinate with her fabrics.

Claire Bennett
1/20/2011 04:36:53 am

Oh, so many things I would love to see! Definitely more bags, and home organisation items! Fab giveaway!

rachal m
1/20/2011 04:37:28 am

wow! i love AMH stuff and the voiles and velveteens were such a great move and have made a big difference to the quilt world. i still have some laminate to make a raincoat out of! i love to see some jersey knits ( a silk jersey would be divine!

1/20/2011 04:39:43 am

What an amazing giveaway! I would love to see some cool tunic style shirts for moms and kids.

1/20/2011 04:39:56 am

Wow! What a giveaway! I love everything that AMH designs.... I love the idea of some jersey knits!


Andrea Q
1/20/2011 04:45:58 am

I'd love to see more bag patterns or items for the kitchen.

Thanks for sharing this great Q & A.

sacha hart
1/20/2011 04:47:52 am

I want an adult pinafore with a pocket in front.

1/20/2011 04:51:49 am

What an amazing giveaway!!

More flannel! Man, I loved that flannel.

1/20/2011 04:56:20 am

I love Anna Maria's fabrics and have made creations with several of her collections. I am getting ready right now to go up stairs and cut out a skirt out of some Innocent Crush.


1/20/2011 05:02:59 am

I'd love to see some homewares patterns as well! I have lots of simple pillow covers made from AMH fabrics, and would love to branch out into other items for my home.

1/20/2011 05:04:01 am

Thank you for a most interesting interview and a most generous giveaway. What an inspiration both of you ladies are to me (and I am sure countless others.) I have some Innocent Crush velveteen and I cannot bring myself to cut into it. It is so luxurious and beautiful.

1/20/2011 05:05:33 am

What a great giveaway! I literally gasped out loud - so many wonderful things there!

And to answer your question: I can't wait to see what Anna Maria does next as far as fabric .. with her introduction of voiles and velveteens into mainstream, she brought so many new sewing opportunities for modern sewers like myself. I hope she keeps experimenting with fabrics other than quilting cotton, it truly makes for unlimited possibilities full of beautiful fabric!

1/20/2011 05:09:42 am

Wonderful giveaway! I would love to see more fabric! I am a HUGE fan of her past lines (and current!), just can't get enough! Maybe another flannel line? :)

1/20/2011 05:11:17 am

I love Anna Maria's fabrics..they are just gorgeous and the more I look at them the more I love them! :) I would love to see her do a panel like for a baby quilt... I think it would be really funky and different from a lot of stuff that's out there.

1/20/2011 05:12:12 am

I would like to see a pattern design for a dressy blouse using her wonderful voile fabric. And in a full range of sizes!

1/20/2011 05:19:35 am

Where I am I need more trendy tops for cooler weather. It is hard to make some with the beautiful fabrics out there but maybe a velveteen would work. Would love to see something in that line.

1/20/2011 05:21:18 am

Great Q& A. Great giveaway. I love Anna Marie! I would love to see some dress patterns, maybe with a retro flair.

Denise M.
1/20/2011 05:23:08 am

I love any/every thing she does. I would love to see some home decor items from her. Or more kitchen items? Or if that's to big, how about a lovely blouse pattern? Anything really. Love her.

Thanks for the great interview.

1/20/2011 05:23:44 am

i would love to see anna maria come up with a line of pattern for toddlers and older kids. i'd love to see how she uses her fabrics for simple, utilitarian yet fun and funky designs that would appeal to the todder, child, and tween set!

1/20/2011 05:24:37 am

Definitely something if not plus size then for the curvy woman- AHM's designs are very, very flattering and I could just do with them a size or two larger (as the patterns are smaller than the equivalent commercial sizes). I like dresses but also tops which I can make with a yard or two- or indulge in two tops....or three...
Thank you so much for organizing this interesting interview and the fab giveaway!

1/20/2011 05:25:31 am

I have been following Anna Maria Horner's blog for several years now. When my first grandchild was born I made him a quilt out of her fabric. I have refurbished old T-shirt that hadn't been worn much for one reason or another and am always inspired by the younger generation and their ideas. When I was younger it was not cool to be a sewer.

1/20/2011 05:28:04 am

I absolutely love her fabric lines, and I made almost every project from the "Handmade Beginnings" book. So easy to follow and great fund to sew! I would love to see some patterns for toddlers.

1/20/2011 05:28:05 am

It is hard to say what I would like to see Anna Maria design next. I have been following her since Garden Party first came out and I feel like I could never dream up anything for her to create that she wouldn't have already done, but better! She is amazingly talented. If anything, I was deeply touched by her post a while back on a special needs friend from her childhood, and I could see her possibly doing something to raise awareness for, or to be helpful to children or adults with special needs. I guess I would love for her to design whatever she dreams up next, because it's always wonderful!

1/20/2011 05:38:08 am

Ooh! Definitely more home decor patterns like the gorgeous pillows she just came out with! I'd be over the moon if I won the pattern for those!!!

1/20/2011 05:44:49 am

I would love to see accessories,,,bags, belts, scarves,wallets,and yeah, tops for casual wear for those of us that are, really only young, at heart. I'm so glad AMH hooked me up to your website!

Kristen Charlton
1/20/2011 05:53:59 am

I would love to see her design some great wallpaper!

1/20/2011 05:54:38 am

Oh my oh my! I am a HUGE Anna Maria fan, too! Definitely my favorite designer, and I finally got my hands on a copy of Seams to Me this week. As for what I'd love to see her design next, any clothing geared toward younger kids (my son is 4 and my daughter is 2) would be fabulous. In fact, she made a Little Folks top for her daughter (using coloring garden in berry) that I would LOVE a pattern for... :) Thank you for a fabulous giveaway! Off to check out more of your lovely blog!

1/20/2011 05:56:55 am

I would love to see some summer-y blouses or a swimsuit / cover-up combo!

1/20/2011 05:57:42 am

Now, that was a fantastic interview! Loved it, thank you. I adore AMH's fearless use of colour and design and her willingness to challenge the market with alternate substrates for her prints (voile, velveteen). I am a quilter (afraid of trying to sew clothing), so I'm more of an accessories pattern consumer. I love making bags/patterns and always buy patterns for them. I'm also interested in home-dec sewing ideas, too.

1/20/2011 05:59:00 am

I would just love to see more dresses and skirts! I can't help it, I love the ones she has done already and want more!

Jackie H
1/20/2011 06:04:29 am

I would love to see fun bedding, esp with the great substrates that she uses. Also would love to see fun some embroidery patterns because AMH's designs are gorgeous! :) Thanks for the interview - it was fun to read! :)

1/20/2011 06:04:31 am

I would love to see more children's items. I loved handmad beginnings but would like to see more for toddlers and up.

1/20/2011 06:05:45 am

I also love Anna Maria's creations! How about a cute tunic pattern? I am into tunics lately. Or pjs??? YES! PJS!

1/20/2011 06:08:23 am

I love all of Anna Maria's beautiful fabric and patterns! I would love to see more dresses and tunics.

1/20/2011 06:10:57 am

I would love to see some little girls clothes. :)

Kristine McCorvey
1/20/2011 06:12:05 am

I would love to see a shirt pattern loaded with ruffles for her lovely voiles. I saw them in person too and the hand was so wonderful. I cannot tell you how happy I would be if I won this as I just lost my job and my fabric budget has been reduced to nothing. Really - nothing!

1/20/2011 06:19:11 am

I would like to see a raincoat pattern that you could make with laminated cotton.

1/20/2011 06:22:42 am

I LOVE everything she makes! My only request would be more and more and more fabric.

1/20/2011 06:26:27 am

I would like to see a crochet design book and I also hope that she and Juliana will work together on a fabric collection.

1/20/2011 06:27:49 am

Such an incredible giveaway, and thank you for a very insightful interview with AnnaMaria. I would love to see her do some little girl's dresses, and to see more of her designs on things like stationery and household objects.

Kelly G.
1/20/2011 06:28:06 am

I LOVE Anna Maria! I would love to see some more "beginner" type patterns for those of us still gaining confidence.

1/20/2011 06:31:23 am

this was a really fun read! Thanks to you both for a nice break. I would love to see Anna Maria collaborate with Anthropologie on a clothing line for their shops. Pattern-wise, I would love to see her fabrics used to make a fifties style dress with a full swirling skirt. Thanks!

1/20/2011 06:39:51 am

Anna Maria is wonderful.....I'd love to see little girl patterns featuring her fabrics!

1/20/2011 06:46:29 am

She already makes so many amazing things! I would be interested in more children's items and she has me interested in crocheting now ;)

1/20/2011 06:51:50 am

I loved this interview and it was a great first experience with your blog, I'll definitely be back!

I'd love to see a "vintage dress with a modern edge", a sort of Mad Men-sih style with perhaps some modern styling so that those of us without wasp-ish figures can still pull it off!

1/20/2011 06:57:21 am

Big, huge fan of Anna Maria's!

1/20/2011 06:58:48 am

Oh, I just love everything she does! I guess I would love to see more children's clothes (especially boys---seems like most people do mostly girly dresses and the like.)

1/20/2011 07:05:11 am

I would really love to see the boy/men patterns too! Her take would be cool!
I just lover her!!!

1/20/2011 07:07:01 am

I'd love to see some more womens tops/shirts and I am constantly inspired by her quilts.

I love your book too, and didn't realise you had a blog.

1/20/2011 07:09:39 am

I'm a huge fan of Anna Maria. I love Innocent Crush and what fabric I have bought I can't bear to cut into yet! I love looking at it!! I'm excited to see what she'll come up with next - another dress pattern? I love my Socialite Dress :-) I think some accessories might be coming... Whatever it is, it will have Anna Maria's wonderful taste!

Trina Covill
1/20/2011 07:15:12 am

Lovely blog, thank you! I really enjoy reading it. I wonder if Anna Maria could design a pinafore type dress to be worn over a simple shift? Not fitted but nice and loose for hot summer days maybe?


Jennifer G
1/20/2011 07:21:43 am

My girly girl is always into dresses and skirts so we'd love to see more of those. I also love home decor patterns. Thanks for the giveaway!

Cathy Deutscher
1/20/2011 07:21:48 am

My daughter and daughter in law told me about Annie Marie. I love the colors in her fabric! I also like all the patterns-as a long time sewer/quilter I would love to see her design more fabric for quilts(after all, can you really have too much??)

1/20/2011 07:22:34 am

OOOOH! I love Anna Maria! I think I would love to see her design some more cute dresses....but I'd love to get my hands on the ones she already does have! She is my favorite designer!

1/20/2011 07:22:36 am

Hmmm...what about crochet? Whatever she does next, I'll be watching-- it's all pretty fabulous. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
-Erin, mamalookingup at gmail

1/20/2011 07:30:52 am

I am just getting back into sewing after quite a long respite, and I would dearly love to win this wonderful stash. I am a major AMH fan and have been following her blog for a while now. It looks as if I will have a NEW blog to follow as well. Thank you for the giveaway.

1/20/2011 07:32:47 am

Thanks for a great interview! I would love to see more bag patterns - I <3 the Multi-Tasker Tote, but I just can't ever get enough bags...

Tammia P
1/20/2011 07:37:20 am

LOVE her fabric...I would love to see a new line (although I still have many projects to be completed with her current collections). I would love to see some knits.
Awesome giveaway, by the way!

1/20/2011 07:38:37 am

Oh, I LOVE AMH! What an amazing giveaway. I would love to see her design a coat pattern.

1/20/2011 07:44:27 am

pretty tablecloths, cloth napkins, sewing kits for kids (my eight year old would love to embroider...she saw that Anna's daughters did this on her blog)

1/20/2011 07:55:17 am

I'd like to see some retro-inspired (think 1960s-70s) kids clothes. What a fantastic giveaway. Good luck to all! mcglen8[at]gmail[dot]com

1/20/2011 08:08:59 am

I would love to see Anna design some more clothing items - I have loved all her dress patterns so some mre would be fantastic and also more handbags these are always fabulous as well.

1/20/2011 08:14:29 am

I love Anna Maria ... her fabrics, books and patterns. This is one talented and generous lady! I'd love to see some crochet patterns or even clothing for girls for the fussy 9 - 13 age bracket.


Cindy Rutledge
1/20/2011 08:17:11 am

Anything she makes is wonderful! If I had to pick one it would be . . . toddler clothing.

1/20/2011 08:25:45 am

I love Anna Maria's voile, so soft and buttery. I'd love to see what she could do with knits. Thanks for the interview - it was fun to read!

1/20/2011 08:26:38 am

Anna Maria always brings such a fun modern twist to everything she does. It would be so cool to see her spin on vintage inspired fashion.

1/20/2011 08:29:25 am

How very fun! Thanks for doing an interview with Anna Maria!

1/20/2011 08:34:33 am

Probably not the first to mention that I LOVE her bags...so more of them would be great!

1/20/2011 08:49:49 am

I would love to see a knit fabric collection and more clothing patterns.

1/20/2011 08:50:18 am

What a wonderful interview! A great jacket or coat pattern by Anna would be amazing, and of course, more quilt patterns!

1/20/2011 08:51:17 am

I would love to see Anna churn out children clothing patterns. Thank you for a giveaway!

1/20/2011 08:51:17 am

I would love to see a hat pattern using the new velveteen.

1/20/2011 08:53:39 am

Loved the Q and A!
Home accessories would be wonderful also bags bags and more bags!!

1/20/2011 08:53:51 am

I would love to see Anna do a blouse or tunic, okay I'm greedy , I would love more quilting patterns too!

1/20/2011 08:57:03 am

1/20/2011 09:01:28 am

(Oops! Sorry for the double comment. I don't know how to erase the previous one.) I just wanted to say that AMH pajamas would be pretty fly! Also, I have a little boy I would love to make things for, but there isn't much boy stuff out there. I'd love to see her ideas for little boys!

1/20/2011 09:02:47 am

Great interview. I'm a designer and love all things creative, but Anna's book, Seams to Me, is what got me to start sewing. I would love to see some casual top and skirt patterns for us 30-somethings.

1/20/2011 09:03:03 am

I would love to see something for boys and a jacket for ladies!

Lindsay nice
1/20/2011 09:08:27 am

omg....I love this! Oh the ideas I have!

1/20/2011 09:08:29 am

Oh, I hope I win! Anna Maria, please design your version of a Tory Burch tunic. A tunic would look so fab in your fabric designs!

1/20/2011 09:09:02 am

I'd love to see a book full of Anna Maria quilt patterns using her own fabric as well as other prints.

Amanda Veneman
1/20/2011 09:11:50 am

I would love to see a knit fabric line or more accessory patterns...maybe something other than fabric.

Mary Ann
1/20/2011 09:18:17 am

Some simple children's patterns and a top or two for the over 50 crowd. I love the fabric and want to wear it too!

1/20/2011 09:18:58 am

Lucky you, getting to work with one of your I would love to see more gorgeous fabrics and maybe another bag pattern.

1/20/2011 09:30:46 am

Anna Maria Horner rocks. I love everything she does. Her blog is so full of the most beautiful colors, I keep hoping she'll design furniture so I can fill my home with that same color and feel.

1/20/2011 09:38:01 am

Most of the garment sewing I do now is for my daughter, and I am always looking for patterns that not only can be expanded to a couple variations, but are also easy to resize as she grows!

Love the interview! Thanks!

1/20/2011 09:42:28 am

Anna Maria is by far my all-time favorite designer! I could eat everything she makes! I would love to see Anna come out with anything really. But, if I had to pick something more specific it would probably be jewelry and more clothing patterns and fabric! I love your idea for a modern take on the jumper.

Thanks! Off to look around on your site more.
xx Achaia

Sharyn P
1/20/2011 09:55:59 am

I would like to see lounge/pajama type pants made with Anna Maries Innocent Crush.. which is on my to get list for February gifts.

Great interview!

1/20/2011 10:00:28 am

Ooooh such a yummy giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed here! :) I'd love to see anything kid related. I have 2 little ones in the house at the moment so anything kid related is good. Or maternity. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for baby 3 soon! :)

Love love love the interview, thanks so much! :)

1/20/2011 10:23:17 am

I'd love to see a cool velveteen jacket. I loved her punky heart quilt and would love a punky but floral jacket!

Cindy Farmer
1/20/2011 10:23:21 am

I would like to see Anna Maria design something for us women that are still in good shape, but are too old to wear that young girl stuff! ...something not too short or too revealing, but "Oh, you look very nice" would be great!

1/20/2011 10:26:33 am

I love most of the clothing she designs, especially skirts and dress. I would love to see some more shirt designs too, although I'm sure anything she comes up with with be spectacular!

Thanks for the interview!

1/20/2011 10:27:04 am

What an awesome giveaway! Love those fabrics and would enjoy the patterns very much. :)

1/20/2011 10:27:45 am

I would love to see some knits--there are very few in fun patterns out there, it seems!

1/20/2011 10:33:56 am

Anna Maria is one of the first designers I found when I started quilting -- and I loved loved loved her fabrics & colors! The little folks voile has been my favorite so far. As for the future, I'd enjoy more patterns for cute purses.

Thanks for the chance to enter!

1/20/2011 10:34:04 am

I would love to see bedroom decor for a young teen girl!

1/20/2011 10:35:07 am

Love anything AnnaMaria does...but ooooo what if we could have plates and mugs and carafes with her designs on them? Then we could use them, admire the, LOVE them... EVERY DAY!
I'm glad SHE introduced me/us to YOU!

Amanda B.
1/20/2011 10:36:04 am

I would love to see some retro baby patterns. So cute! Thank you for the great giveaway.

1/20/2011 10:38:11 am

I'd like some simple, easy-to-wear separates, especially skirts, that are flattering to the not-24-anymore body and which show off her fabulous fabrics.

1/20/2011 10:46:25 am

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some more boys patterns. There is so little great boys stuff and Anna Maria has such great style I would love to see her re-do the over done t-shirt and pants into something better!

1/20/2011 10:46:50 am

I would love for her to continue with the wonderful fabrics.

1/20/2011 10:57:19 am

Probably... winter accessories!

1/20/2011 11:01:24 am

I'd love to see some doll clothes patterns and small prints for doll clothes - since that's in her history and my present ! Doll clothes are often more expensive to buy these days than regular people clothes, so I'd enjoy seeing more people sew for the ones they love...by sewing for the dolls they love !

Sarah E.
1/20/2011 11:06:13 am

I would love to see her design Baby clothes or Long jacket. Her designs are do easy to follow and make, I LOVE it.

1/20/2011 11:06:29 am

Would love some clothing ideas for women over 40. I love her fabrics! I've been a fan of AMH for a million years now. She's the bomb.com.

1/20/2011 11:06:40 am

I would love to see her do a pattern for a jacket not too complicated but fun...I love her fabrics but I never know where to go to get it, I have to look harder. Thanks for the contest and have a great Friday and weekend! :)

1/20/2011 11:09:15 am

I've been following Anna Maria's blog for years and am slowly surrounding myself with her fabrics in my home. Beautiful! What about a line of bedding (sheets)--all eclectic and mix and match, and made to just "go" together. That is hard to find, at least at my price point. Also, I second the boys clothes. Her son is a month or two older than mine, so maybe she can design clothes for him, just in time for me to make them for my son ;)

1/20/2011 11:09:15 am

Anna Maria is my favorite blogger/designer! Very excited about anything in the fashion arena that she alluded to! Also, a book of quilt patterns would be great! :)

1/20/2011 11:16:17 am

Would love her take on improving what I've already got. Recycling pillow cases, dresses, etc by updating them. Thanks for the interview!!!

1/20/2011 11:28:28 am

Oh my, what a wonderful giveaway, and a great interview.
I would love a coat pattern, especially with that gorgeous velveteen!

1/20/2011 11:29:47 am

terrific looking book! I would love to see some simple , easy and forever stylish clothes for summer. The type you can throw in your bag for a quick weekend car trip or dinner out. (yet also do not cost a small fortune in fabric to make)

1/20/2011 11:35:06 am

what a great Q & A and giveaway! I LOVE AMH and check her blog every day!
Would love to see a long skirt or wrap type top pattern - she is such an inspiration! Thank you!

1/20/2011 11:37:31 am

I'd love to see large floral prints in garment weight fabric.

Jessica Fuester
1/20/2011 11:40:47 am

More long, feminine, and flow-y skirt patterns would be wonderful! I love her fabric designs and think that some of them would make beautiful skirts!

1/20/2011 11:45:42 am

I would have to agree with you! I'd like to see Anna's modern day take on the jumper too! I'm all about more modest type of clothing. :o) Thanks for the giveaway!

1/20/2011 11:48:31 am

Thank you ladies for a great Q&A! Anna Maria, everything you touch turns to gold. Some things I would be thrilled to see come out of the AMH design house are: dress patterns for young girls (ages 4-10 ish), knit/crochet patterns for home goods & baby, flocked or burnout velvet fabrics (they would make jaw-dropping drapes in your prints!). Thanks for the giveaway, girls!

1/20/2011 11:55:37 am

I would love to see a jacket or coat pattern of some sort.

1/20/2011 12:04:46 pm

Clothing for 40+ would be great! Too much of what's available, is stuffy and old looking. Anna would bring that "I'm still having fun" flair to it. Thanks for the give away.

1/20/2011 12:05:10 pm

I love anything with pockets and a hood. Maybe dress for spring/summer that has both

1/20/2011 12:07:03 pm

Thank you for the chance at anything Anna Maria. I always enjoy reading Q&A or interviews that she does. I would like anything beginner patterns. I am intimidated the minute I open them. Everything she does is fun and different.

Courtney Rosenbladt
1/20/2011 12:36:04 pm

Thanks for a wonderful interview.

I would love to see some fabric from Anna Maria that has a bit more of a masculine tone.

Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful collection of fabric and patterns!

1/20/2011 12:37:12 pm

I would love to see some more little boy stuff! My daughter is decked out, but I want our little boys just as awesome!

1/20/2011 12:38:41 pm

I'd love to see more bags!!!

stephanie campbell
1/20/2011 12:44:08 pm

I love the new fabrics out now (voile, velveteen--thanks to AMH!) And want to see more in those. Also, would like to see a stylish, easy dress pattern. I like just slip over my head stuff, with no closures.
Thanks for this opportunity! :)

Kristin Orth
1/20/2011 12:44:41 pm

Wow, what an awesome giveaway!! I loved the Q&A, too. I would like to see plus-sized patterns.

1/20/2011 12:45:01 pm

I would love more quilting patterns and tutorials...

1/20/2011 12:53:10 pm

I would love to see more dresses (! love love love!) and some home accessories would be neat!!

1/20/2011 12:54:41 pm

I would love to see some clothing patterns in very petite sizes - suitable for young teen girls. I always have trouble adapting patterns to this size...

Heidi aka Digital Misfit
1/20/2011 01:00:00 pm

I have been coveting Sew Retro on my Amazon wish list, and I ADORE AMH! How awesome it would be to interview her! Great job!
I would love to see AMH patterns for hats. The cool cottons would be great for summery hats, and the velveteens would be delicious for bold berets, newsboys, etc. I think AMH could put a fabulous spin on a modern chapeau!

1/20/2011 01:22:03 pm

I have to agree that I'd love her to design patterns for the stylish over 40 woman. Love her fabrics. Love your book!!!

1/20/2011 01:36:32 pm

Awesome comp! I'm in agreement with several of the other comments - would love to see some plus size patterns from AMH. Particularly in cool cottons or linen or voile for summer - so many of the plus size patterns I see are designed for heavy knit, which is way too hot for the Aussie summer!

1/20/2011 02:33:24 pm

Some nice '50s-inspired aprons!

1/20/2011 02:40:32 pm

I know I would love anything Anna makes next (yes, I said "Anna" like we're tight, but I'm only wishing...) But, I work in an office, and would love to show off my sewing skills as well as Anna's designs. So, could you pretty please make some amazingly unique business casual patterns??? Pretty please, Anna!!??

1/20/2011 03:23:14 pm

what a generous give away! I have loved AMH ever since I spied one of her aprons in a local gift shop in Nashville. And then I found her lovely books and blog that have inspired many projects.
I would love patterns for toys. I think some stuffies in those gorgeous bright fabrics would be so wonderful.

1/20/2011 03:26:24 pm

Well, I think it is pretty clear that we all love Anna's designs. She has such a fun touch. As for me, I would love a few more quilt patterns and maybe some upcycled denim projects. And maybe some 70's flashbacks. Fun fun fun!

1/20/2011 03:44:57 pm

I'd love to see her design anything! Heck, I'll be happy if she just keeps posting awesome stories on her blog! I love her color scheme and her style, anything she makes would be awesome!

1/20/2011 04:42:25 pm

wow! I love her fabric, i'd love if she designs more little girls' clothes .. so whimsical, adorable and easy.

1/20/2011 05:02:36 pm

Im addicted to bags so more bags I say. Love both blogs and as a beginner sewer I am so glad i found them! Thank you

1/20/2011 05:45:32 pm

metrnity wear!!!

1/20/2011 05:52:33 pm

I don't know to be completely honest. I'd love to see her carry on blogging though, I very much enjoy that!

1/20/2011 07:06:52 pm

I would love to see her take on a spring jacket.

1/20/2011 07:12:18 pm

I'd love to see some really simple casual/work tops, something smarter than t-shirt and not quite into the realms of collared shirt.
Great Giveaway

1/20/2011 07:29:13 pm

Well like a lot of other people I'd love to see her fabrics as knits.

Pattern wise, I'd love to see a pattern for some kind of bohemian wrap-dress (maybe one that can be layered) - with pockets!

Or, some kind of utility apron for gardeners, with lots of pockets! :)

Also, I have noticed that my friends that are new moms are constantly covered in baby sick, especially around the shoulders. Maybe a type of cute reversible apron that gives some shoulder coverage would be good. With a pocket (of course!) :)

1/20/2011 07:29:33 pm

Anna is delightful! I think a retro, bright and perky print would be fun. something that reminds us of moms clothes she wore or made for us in the 70's ish....

1/20/2011 07:41:46 pm

I would love to win this one! Great giveaway!

1/20/2011 07:53:11 pm

Wow, I adore AMH!!! What would I like to see her do next? Hmm...I'd love to see another book or more patterns - I love her clothing patterns, they're so easy to follow and stylish at the same time.

1/20/2011 08:02:06 pm

great! more skirts and dresses please.

1/20/2011 08:09:14 pm

I have this plan of only wearing 1920s clothes during the decade of 2020, so that is what I'd love to see! a lot of stylish, non-costumey flapper dresses!

Lisa Garrett
1/20/2011 08:17:15 pm

I would love to see a pattern for a retro cocktail dress. Would love to make one for my Christmas party next year! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

1/20/2011 08:31:36 pm

Already in love with Anna's innocent crush fabric, I just made a knitting needle roll with two of them(see my blog). Would be amazing to win all those patterns and beautiful fabric to go with them. Love the roundabout dress. So inspiring to hear about Anna, a truly great role model!

1/20/2011 08:36:15 pm

Great giveaway! I'm ready to start the new year with more glam!

1/20/2011 08:38:56 pm

What a terrific giveaway! So generous...

She designs amazing clothes for the 20+ crowd, she has a book for babies, but I think there is a dearth of patterns for the teenage crowd that she could fill marvelously!

1/20/2011 08:53:17 pm

More flannel!!! A line with things (color/design) masculine complementing things feminine... gramps flannel pjs gone yingish yangish...

1/20/2011 08:55:43 pm

I would LOVE to see any of Anna Maria's previous designs done as knits. Oooooooh the jumper idea is brilliant too! More vintage inspired children's clothing would be fabulous. :-)

1/20/2011 09:01:20 pm

Would love to win the great giveaway. My LQS doesn't carry any of her fabric :(... Would love to see her velveteen and voiles.

1/20/2011 09:03:02 pm

Thanks for a chance at this great giveaway! Love AMH!

Caroline Goddard
1/20/2011 09:04:19 pm

I love the giveaway. I would love to see storage for the bedroom.

Penny D
1/20/2011 09:07:55 pm

Retro..I am over 60 and the styles bring back so many memories. I love the Pastry Line Collection..I can see embroidering the retro iron on designs on this material. Perhaps Ms. Horner would consider adding these to her collections.. you know the Monday is wash day etc. group. How nostalgic that would be. The materials look gorgeous and I would love an opportunity to sew with them. Thank you for sharing this info.

1/20/2011 09:10:48 pm

Oh please, please, please! I love AMH! I would love to see patterns for young girls. I have a 2 and a 4 year old. I have made a few patterns out of Handmade Beginnings, but my girls are now too big. Her directions are very clear for someone fairly new to sewing. I also love her fabric!

Ellen Ban
1/20/2011 09:20:25 pm

What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to see more home decor projects from AMH. Thanks for the interview and chance to win.

1/20/2011 09:26:22 pm

I would like see dresses that a 30-45 year old woman can wear to work. Also home decor patterns would be great! Thanks for the chance to win!

Angel Mandery
1/20/2011 09:29:46 pm

Childrens vintage dresses! I have twin girls and love to sew for them... As far as the giveaway, are you kidding me?!?! What a giveaway!!! So awesome I could not think of a better gift! I wish my chances were greater! Thank you to the two of you for having such great blogs. I also feel like I treasure her books and just happen to come across her first in the book store. Thanks for the chance.

1/20/2011 09:40:51 pm

As the mom to two toddler boys, I would like some more designs/inspiration/ideas for fun and funky boys apparel. And I know AMH can pull that off...especially since she has a little one the same age! You know her Roman has got to be stylin'!

1/20/2011 09:44:57 pm

I'd love to see more young girls and even boy patterns! What a fun giveaway!

1/20/2011 09:51:44 pm

Thanks for sharing this. I'm a quilt lover at the moment, so I'd love to see more quilts!

Cathy Wegner
1/20/2011 09:57:06 pm

I love Anna Maria. I have her blog on my Google Reader and I don't know how she manages it all. I agree with you. I would love a jumper.

Allison Jaquier
1/20/2011 10:00:33 pm

Love love love AMH! Not that she actually needs to be told to design more quilts, but that has got to be my favorite thing that she does. They're so beautiful and full of love. I also love her handbags. More of everything please!

1/20/2011 10:00:48 pm

I am a proud owner of Seams to Me. Love it! I would love to see some more work related clothing. Anna Maria's style is so easy and effortless and I'd love to see that applied to a more professional/corporate aesthetic. Ugh! That really sounds so blah, which is why it needs her touch!

1/20/2011 10:01:13 pm

Anna Maria fabrics are the reason I asked for a sewing machine last year after a 20 year sewing hiatus... and she's also inspired me to want to learn how to quilt (something I never thought I'd say) so I'd love to see simple one-block-at-a time ideas/tutorials. : )

1/20/2011 10:06:20 pm

Oh thank you for sharing Anna Maria with us! I love so much of what she does. I think it would be fabulous to find her gorgeous designs on kitchenware, such as plates, vases, fabric boxes, lamp shades - much like Target's Liberty of London collection!

1/20/2011 10:18:31 pm

I felt the exact same way when I received her Seams to Me book. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I also love her fabric lines and would really like to see some knits and maybe even a new book on how to use those knits for women and children's (girls and boys) clothing. I am a SAHM and want to look nice but also be comfortable while chasing kids and cleaning house.

Michele C.
1/20/2011 10:18:53 pm

I have been a fan of Anna's blog and fabric for a few years now. I would love to see more patterns either for me the over 40 age or for my daughter who is in that awkward tween age. It is hard to find patterns that aren't too grown-up or too cutesy.

1/20/2011 10:25:19 pm

I know she said no more books for now, but I would LOVE for her to write a book about her life and how she juggles family, work, and makes time for herself. I know that's mostly what she blogs about-maybe her blog as a book. She is such an amazing writer and her posts of late about Julianna have brought me to tears! She has an amazing way of giving words to feelings. She is beautiful in every sense of the word!

1/20/2011 10:25:21 pm

I'd love to see some of her patterns on corduroy! Truly an under-rated fabric, especially here in the upper mid-west where it's currently -40 outside. Love her stuff immensely!

Loretta H
1/20/2011 10:26:57 pm

Love Anna's blog, fabric and patterns, must work on getting her book, perhaps winning one. Thanks for the chance.

1/20/2011 10:28:24 pm

I would love to see a jacket pattern. I have been wanting to try one, but havent gotten to it and I am sure if anyone could get me over the hump it would be AMH with her amazing designs.

1/20/2011 10:28:48 pm

I love your finding old patterns and make a new twist on them 1950-thru 1960's have got to be my favorite! I would love to win the give away.

1/20/2011 10:30:20 pm

I am interested in baby stuff, now that I am at that grandparent stage in life.

1/20/2011 10:36:14 pm

I would love Anna-Maria to design some more everyday dresses for summer, with lots of flow and of course lots of pattern and colour!

Beth Peugh
1/20/2011 10:39:41 pm

Some 1950's summer style dresses with a modern twist :)

1/20/2011 10:41:58 pm

i would LOVE LOVE LOVE a new design for the old camisoles and slips that were worn in the 50s. i love the shapes of them, but they could certainly use an update! i think anna-maria is just the girl to make them sexy again!

1/20/2011 10:52:13 pm

I LOVE Anna's simple lines and bright fabrics! Very excited to hear there will be more fashion patterns coming!

1/20/2011 10:52:42 pm

I just love her style! I know she's already done plenty before, but I'd love to see more home decor projects. It's always so inspirational to see what she does with her beautiful fabrics.

1/20/2011 10:54:10 pm

I'm a quilter so pretty much any of Anna Maria's cottons make me swoon. When I first saw Chocolate Lollipop I need I had to have it and that began my love of all things Anna Maria Horner.

1/20/2011 10:54:42 pm

I want to see more FABRIC! I can't get enough.

Amanda Starr
1/20/2011 10:56:42 pm

Maybe a cool almost like 50-60's biker type of jacket, that would be cool

1/20/2011 10:59:32 pm

Can I be a little selfish and say more patterns for little boys? I have two little boys to sew for and there just aren't enough out there. I'm sure Anna Maria Horner would have a fun take on new looks for little guys!

1/20/2011 11:00:11 pm

What a generous giveaway! I love everything Anna Maria does so am excited to see what's next. I've been so inspired by her quilts and would love to see more of those.

Lou Ann
1/20/2011 11:08:30 pm

Would love to see even more quilt patterns

1/20/2011 11:11:10 pm

Love, LOVE, Anna Maria's fabric and patterns. As a matter of fact, I think as soon as the snow melts, I am going to go to Textiles and see what I can find! Have a wonderful day!!

Tracy P
1/20/2011 11:15:30 pm

I love this woman! Still new to sewing and crafting, is love to see some baby bedding, bumpers etc and some modest tops. I love her sundresses!! Also some more options in upholstery fabric.

1/20/2011 11:15:43 pm

Dresses for the girls and for mama too!
Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

1/20/2011 11:21:01 pm

What a wonderful giveaway. I am just beginning the journey of rediscovering my creative side. I love retro, vintage creations and reading Anna Maries blog, and now yours. Oh!!!! Please pick me!

1/20/2011 11:23:07 pm

Love Anna's style, color, character, and look to all her fabrics and projects. I would like to see more dress patterns for ladies who are almost 50.......thanks for this great chance to get all her patterns!

1/20/2011 11:36:34 pm

How great is this! Her retro styles are awesome and I'd love to see more of them!

1/20/2011 11:36:46 pm

Congrats on the book - it looks great! I love AMH and am actually just getting around to making something with her fabric. I'd echo a few others who mentioned stuff for boys, or else some paper products.

1/20/2011 11:40:57 pm

Awesome book - congratulations!! Anna Marie Horner rocks and I would love to see something with vests, but not those long ones that Maude wore (lol)!! Thanks for the chance to win this incredible giveaway!!

Donna Smith
1/20/2011 11:52:06 pm

I already love most everything so I think I would like patterns for the older crowd with larger sizes too. Am very excited to see what the new products she has in the works is going to be. Can't be anything but great for sure!
Donna Rae

1/20/2011 11:58:16 pm

Wonderful interview and giveaway. Wrap tops and wrap dresses would be great in Anna's fabrics.

1/21/2011 12:15:43 am

I would love to see some great tops! Something pretty and also comfy for spring. :)

Carrie Lou
1/21/2011 12:15:55 am

I SO love Anna Maria's designs. It'd be lovely to see more summery tops-

1/21/2011 12:27:04 am

I LOVE anything RETRO! What a super duper giveaway. I will be thrilled if I am the lucky recepient of these gifts.
Happy New Year!
Nettie C.

Marla Tognoli
1/21/2011 12:27:34 am

Being a newbie to the sewing world, I like Anna MH's fabrics. I am a SAHM so clothes to fit that lifestyle would be great. I get tired of wearing jeans and SAHM moms need stylish but comfy clothes they can actually wear around the house but look nice enough to run errands in.

1/21/2011 12:29:02 am

Reading items like this just keeps me inspired to keep creating and inspiring creativity.

1/21/2011 12:29:10 am

A cute flowy top.

1/21/2011 12:36:58 am

I am looking forward to Anna Maria's new endeavors. She never ceases to amaze me. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

1/21/2011 12:39:21 am

The giveaway is amazing! So much stuff!

1/21/2011 12:42:11 am

Oh my... me please. I'm obsessed with Anna Maria's design! I'd love for her to make some patterns for little and toddler boys and some more boy-ish fabrics to go with it please!

Sue Symens
1/21/2011 12:52:47 am

I am a dress girl so I would love to see more dresses. I read her blog daily and love her fresh style. thanks so much!!

1/21/2011 01:00:41 am

What a great collection of stuff! Great interview, too. I love her fashion focus :)

Vena K. Oliver
1/21/2011 01:07:46 am

Oh my..! I just found her patterns at my local fabric store and thought, I have to make some of those next!! They also have Her fabrics, so I knew I was in business, but this would be a wonderful opportunity to get exposed to Anna Marie! And a BOOK TOO!!! OMG!! I'm so excited, if I ever win anything, hope it's this!!!

1/21/2011 01:08:49 am

I would love to see some men's patterns, like a shirt or coat. Lovely interview. Thanks for the giveaway.

1/21/2011 01:28:26 am

Love bag patterns....thanks so much for the giveaway

1/21/2011 01:49:50 am

I would like to see more bags - bags always fit everyone. Items for the kitchen and the bedrooms (young and old). Also some easy to wear at home on Saturday items like - tops, dresses, shorts, jumpers.

1/21/2011 02:01:04 am

Wow! I enjoyed reading every answer!

I would like to see more from the home decor and everything for kids!

1/21/2011 02:07:05 am

What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you so much.
I'd like to see Anna Maria design a nice summer dress!

1/21/2011 02:08:59 am

I'd love to see some more stylish, comfy blouses and dresses.

1/21/2011 02:10:09 am

Would love to see more stuff for around the house...pillows, potholders anything cute!! And I would loovvee to win this giveaway ;)

1/21/2011 02:18:40 am

AMH is my favorite! I love all of her patterns. A jacket pattern, or more cute dresses would be fun.

Polly Graham
1/21/2011 02:53:04 am

Oh please, please, please...some lovely longer jackets to make from that georgous velvet to pair with jeans and/or skirts for work. Ummmmmm...that's what I'd like.

1/21/2011 02:54:30 am

Simple (to make) dresses for little girls.

1/21/2011 02:56:53 am

I LOVE anything Anna Maria Horner! This was a really fun interview to read. :-)
I'd love to see her design more little boys clothes/toys. I just had my first baby and he's a boy and I'd love to have more fun things to make for him using gorgeous prints like hers!

1/21/2011 02:59:57 am

I am new to sewing with a pattern and would LOVE to give Anna's bunch a try! Let me know if you pick me :) Thanks for the great Q&A and giveaway.

1/21/2011 03:03:33 am

I would love to see her design a classy coat/jacket that could be made out of her velveteens. I found this blog from Anna Maria's and I can't wait to look around. Thanks!

1/21/2011 03:04:46 am

AMH has been so great about introducing interesting new types of fabric (velveteen, voiles). I would love it if she introduced a cotton/linen blend.

In terms of patterns? Maybe more house-type projects?

1/21/2011 03:06:44 am

I can't wait to see the fashion stuff she eluded to. That sounds really intriguing. But whatever it is, I'm sure it will be great. She is definitely one of my fav designers!!

1/21/2011 03:08:08 am

personally because of what I do a line of fabrics for children with a retro feel and colors that she's so good at designing with. anything fabric - just love seeing her new designs when they are introduced. if there was enough time in the day I would love a trench coat pattern to make up. nothing better than a fab coat to hide all our mommy-bod flaws!

1/21/2011 03:11:44 am

I'm enjoying sewing for myself for once! Love inspiring clothes for adults!

1/21/2011 03:16:43 am

I just recently borrowed Handmade Beginnings from the library, what a beautiful book.
I'm always on the lookout for more kids patterns, especially little girl dresses and anything for baby boys.

1/21/2011 03:26:32 am

I would love to see some boy patterns

1/21/2011 03:29:31 am

What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

I'm gonna second the request for men's clothes and/or boys patterns. There are so few to choose from. My Hubby loves the 50s-60s bowling/cuban style shirts. I'd love to make 'em custom for him!

Shelly E
1/21/2011 04:13:58 am

I honeslty love anything vintage! I have a bunch of vintage sweaters I want to knit! What would I like to see goodness, night gowns and robes, old movie stars all ways looked beautiful and sexy in old silk and lace night gowns!

1/21/2011 04:17:25 am

looooooooooove anna maria horner! her work is just amazing and i'm still just blown away by innocent crush. easily my favorite collection ever. :)

Hannah P.
1/21/2011 04:31:16 am

I would love a simple vintage looking jacket pattern. Something that won't look weird at a soccer game or to casual at meetings

1/21/2011 04:31:39 am

I love AMH's work and her blog--it's hard to say what I'd like to see next as I always love to see what she has come up with. I do love her sewing patterns, though...and her recent crochet posts make me want to see more!

1/21/2011 04:48:44 am

She has some really beautiful fabrics. I checked out her blog really cool I will be following her. I could use those fabrics in my next quilt. They all go together would make a beautiful quilt. Thank you both for this wonderful giveaway. Good luck with all that you do this year and may your business grow.

1/21/2011 04:57:37 am

Well color me excited! This is possibly the *MOST WONDERFUL* giveaway of all time!

1/21/2011 05:01:08 am

I would love to see HATS! :D

1/21/2011 05:08:20 am

What a giveaway! It would be lovely complemented if Anna Maria would be kind enough to design adult pj tops...
Thanks for the chance!

1/21/2011 05:08:24 am

What a great blog! I discovered you through AM's blog, and I'm glad I did. I'd love Anna Maria to do more dresses -- I want to wrap myself up in that velveteen. :) Thanks for hosting the amazing giveaway!

1/21/2011 05:11:39 am

Oh, you have interviewed my absolute favorite! :) I would love to see AnnaMaria's take on a jacket -- a dress-it-up, dress-it-down Statement Jacket. I can't even imagine it, but I bet it would be multi colored and exquisite. Thank you so much for the amazing giveaway!

1/21/2011 05:20:50 am

I'm entering this giveaway for my daughter, as she would LOVE everything you're generously giving. She just loves retro (she's so cute in her '40's outfits) so, in answering for her, I'll say she would love more apron patterns, although she makes alot of skirts, too. Thanks for the chance to win!

Erin Miller
1/21/2011 05:26:13 am

Whatever she designs next I know I'll love!

1/21/2011 05:32:55 am

Loved the multi-tasker! How about more purses and bags?! And most definitely, continue with the garment-type fabrics such as velveteen and linen, voile, etc.

1/21/2011 05:39:56 am

More homewares! I love the quilts, but the kitchen, pillows, the bedroom...there are so many places around the house where relatively easy, creative projects can show off, and show off AMH's beautiful fabric sense and style!

Krista Hansen
1/21/2011 06:12:59 am

Amazing giveaway! I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard before I could comment. Oops. I would love to see toddler clothes, adult dresses and skirts and maybe some more home decor. I can't get enough of her stuff!

1/21/2011 06:13:17 am

She is such an inspiration to me. I would love to see patterns for bedding in some of her amazing designs, but really anything she makes I'll be happy with!

1/21/2011 06:23:11 am

I adore everything Anna Maria does, but I always drool over the furniture she upholsters for her market booths. This is thinking big, but how about a line of sofas and armchairs? I'd buy one!

1/21/2011 06:35:13 am

I would love to see toddler clothes and vintage-influenced adult clothes. :D Great giveaway!

1/21/2011 06:42:54 am

Love me some retro dresses maybe she can come up with some great designs! Thanks for the giveaway!

1/21/2011 07:14:18 am

Oh wow--I am very excited about this giveaway!!! Thanks for the great post. Going retro would be fun!

Shari J
1/21/2011 07:17:24 am

Sundresses for larger sized women who love to garden and maybe a floppy sun hat to match! This is an awesome giveaway opportunity. Thanks so much.

1/21/2011 07:39:10 am

What a wonderful prize - thankyou! And a fabulous blog.

1/21/2011 08:00:48 am

I would love to see more maternity wear from Anna! I loved the maternity dress in Handmade Beginnings.

1/21/2011 08:16:38 am

I would love to see Anna Maria put out a pattern for this design of hers:
And judging by the comments under the photo, I'm not the only one who would love that pattern! :-D
Thanks for the extraordinarily generous giveaway offer!

1/21/2011 08:27:16 am

I can't wait to see a pattern for this amazing skirt: http://www.flickr.com/photos/annamariahorner/5184294477/
I would also love to see some crochet patterns! She is so talented & I've loved reading her "Crochet Chronicles"

1/21/2011 08:31:50 am

I would love to see her take on one of those jumpers like auto mechanics wear but all feminine!

Gaynell T
1/21/2011 09:19:10 am

I am a huge AMH fan! Thanks for sharing a great interview! I'd love to see her design something new for home decor.

Sherry J
1/21/2011 09:26:14 am

oh i love her designs and her patterns. i would love to see her design some girl clothing patterns for sizes 4-7. thanks for the giveaway. very exciting!

1/21/2011 09:59:53 am

Love the colors in AMH new collection!! I think it would be nice to see an awesome raincoat, I live in Oregon and see a lot of rain :)

Kim K.
1/21/2011 10:03:33 am

I would love to see some cute patterns for little boys. Boys clothes can be so boring!

Wendy D P
1/21/2011 10:08:38 am

I adore AMH's style and fabric! I'd always love to see more AMH fabric collections, but I'd also love to see some of her designs on vases, in prints etc. They're all so bright and beautiful, in a very classic kind of way - I think we could all use a little more of that in our decor!

1/21/2011 10:15:08 am


I'd love to see an evening dress next on the list. I'm a sucker for an occasion dress.

1/21/2011 10:15:20 am

I love AMH! She is an amazing designer! Her maternity clothes saved me, and I would love to see some more maternity clothes from her...it is so hard to find things to wear while pregnant that allow one to still feel good about how you look while being comfortable. I would also like to see some nice tops that could be worn while nursing that are still stylish.

1/21/2011 10:35:28 am

Outerwear! I would love to see a coat from AMH. Maybe a light spring coat? or a coat pattern that could be different weights of fabric to create different seasonal options- winter formal coat in velvet, casual fall coat in corduroy, etc....

1/21/2011 10:40:10 am

Oh, I would love her to design a kind of vintage dress, which would be perfect for women over 50 te wear. Stylish and colourful. I love her use of colour!!

1/21/2011 10:57:13 am

I love Anna Marie's ability to work with color. She totally inspires me! I'd like to see what she could create for an iPad or laptop computer.

1/21/2011 12:26:09 pm

I just had a 1950s inspired dress made for my wedding. I'd love to see an adaptation that was a bit easier to make so I could carry out that style at the office too!

Jane T
1/21/2011 12:29:56 pm

Love everything I see. Would love to see the old wraparound skirt come back. Also, would love to see a dress built on a yoke and the dress just hang from there with pockets. Would love all kinds things for the kitchen.

Donna B.
1/21/2011 01:02:47 pm

Oh gosh, that is a hard question. I feel little boys get left out so often, I would love to see her style more for them. But then all of her designs are wonderful aren't they..........

Kimberly C.
1/21/2011 01:16:29 pm

Id love to see more bags! Her patterns and eye for color lends itself to so many wonderful things to sew but bags are my favorite. Great interview!

1/21/2011 01:39:31 pm

What about patterns for little girls? Simple, pretty little dresses that a newbie like me could handle. That would be awesome. Thanks!

1/21/2011 02:09:07 pm

Lovely giveaway! I'm definitely a fan of dresses and skirts...and useful bags!
Can never have enough of any of them!

1/21/2011 07:44:40 pm

What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much!

Vicki Canman
1/21/2011 08:53:11 pm

Ohh I love it! I am learning how to sew some things for my 5 year old little girl. She gets so excited about it. This would help beyond belief! Lord 6 kids! You are a SUPER WOMAN!

1/21/2011 10:04:37 pm

I would love to win this giveaway. Her fabrics are gorgeous! She must have a clone. Six kids and she has time to accomplish a fabric line, books and patterns. What an amazing woman!

jessica m
1/21/2011 10:08:01 pm

i would love to see her design furnature and more household items. thanks for the interview and givaway!!

1/21/2011 11:21:09 pm

what a wonderful giveaway! I would love to see more patterns for blouses and skirts.

1/21/2011 11:24:43 pm

I love the rock star heart quilting motif, so more of that... However someone mentioned window coverings and that sounds like a great idea!

1/22/2011 12:03:35 am

Hmmm.. I feel like I need to catch up and make some the lovely beauties she has already designed. Although I am loving tunics right now, so maybe a tunic?

1/22/2011 12:22:53 am

This is an incredible giveaway, and I have one of AMH's books, but my last child just left the house for college and I'm recuperating....the disorganization, etc, that involves raising the children. SO...haven't sewn in awhile, and don't have ideas yet, but not that I'm 55, I'm looking to sew lots of items. Don't know if I'm looking for clothes to sew, but stuff..and that's what I would be looking for AMH to design.

1/22/2011 12:33:30 am

I would love to see some more patterns in the "easy dressing for the mom" category. So much of what I see out there is either too tight, too blousy or just plain wrong. I love the skirt patterns you've done and the dresses, too. Whatever works in a hurry and makes me look fabulous :)!!

1/22/2011 01:37:02 am

Oh wow, yes please, drop my hat in the hat. I love Annas blog and her design style, but havent bought this particular book yet.....so, fingers crossed!

1/22/2011 01:57:17 am

This Montessori teacher would adore a good skirt pattern that is conducive to working in a classroom with full of 3,4, and 5 year olds! Love Anne Marie's world!

1/22/2011 01:57:41 am

just love this stuff!

1/22/2011 02:00:35 am

how about grading up some of her patterns to larger sizes, so everyone can wear them? a 3x pattern sells a lot more voille than a xxs. Think about the fabric sales!

1/22/2011 02:08:16 am

I would like to see an outerwear pattern, maybe a cute bolero or some sort of light jacket. This giveaway is calling my name! I have wanted this book for some time now. Thanks!


Robin H
1/22/2011 02:34:34 am

Love Anna's designs and use of color. Would love to see what she has in mind for future quilts.

1/22/2011 02:36:22 am

Wow, what an amazing prize package! I never get tired of Anna Maria's fabric lines, so I hope she keeps them coming.

1/22/2011 03:35:11 am

I would love to see an increasing variety of fabrics: more velveteen, oilcloth/laminated cotton, home dec weight, lawn, everything!

1/22/2011 03:45:01 am

I agree, a jumper pattern would be great. I also think home office items would be great too.
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
blessed.mama4 at yahoo.com

1/22/2011 05:06:14 am

Would love to see more bags and plus size clothing! Great giveaway and I would love to win it!

1/22/2011 05:17:18 am

I would love if Anna could use some of her wonderful ideas to develop a line of knit fabrics!

1/22/2011 05:41:30 am

Amazing! Just truely Amazing!

Tiffany Schwedland
1/22/2011 06:03:53 am

i think I may have an innocent crush on Anna Maria Horner.... What beautiful words in regards to balancing family.... Patience all around... And to give ourselves grace: what a gift. A true talent to draw inspiration from... Great interview. Looking forward to getting your book.... I was sooo stoked about amh's innocent crush I bought two bolts. One of home decor and one of the voile... Dresses, chairs, gifts, and bags are running through my head.... Thanks again for a wonderful interview....

1/22/2011 06:28:35 am

I've so enjoyed the new textiles like voile and now the velveteen. Love to see some jersey maybe...

1/22/2011 07:02:17 am

I'd love to see some nursery print designs using her whimsical style!

1/22/2011 07:06:32 am

This is flippin amazingness.
Loved the article and this give away made
My day! Spring dresses with pockets!
Totes! or any kind of bag...can never
Have to many of those! Also just a side note
I wish there was cute little flats
or little lace up tennis shoes with
Her fabric designs! Geeze that would rock!

1/22/2011 07:55:04 am

I would LOVE to win! Anna Maria is my absolute favorite designer!!!

I would love to see her design some clothes for little girls and maybe some jackets or coats for women.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.......

1/22/2011 08:17:20 am

i would love to see a dress that could be long or short, funky or a little fancy depending on the fabric. I would also Love to see a few men/boy items since I am the lone girl on the homestead.
Great idea for the giveaway!

Marcia W.
1/22/2011 08:28:35 am

More AMH quilting fabrics with a new quilt (large) design. Misses jumper style dress that will look good on size 14/16s too.

1/22/2011 08:40:01 am

Simple little girls outfits baby to 6 yo.

1/22/2011 09:25:22 am

Oh, I would absolutely love to see AMH cotton interlock or jersies! It's so hard to find beautiful cotton knits to sew for me and my teenage daughters.

1/22/2011 09:27:47 am

Crochet patterns, more bags, tunics, and aprons. I love everything she does.

Lindsey Murphy
1/22/2011 12:13:59 pm

I LOVE all of the home and baby things I've made from her two books- but what I would especially love to see her design are stuffed animals. After 6 children, I'm sure she has some adorable ideas :)

1/22/2011 03:51:42 pm

Oh my gosh what a gorgeous giveaway!! I'd love to see Anna-Maria do a sharp hat pattern OR a sweet sleeveless jumper with ruffles.

Kiki Argyle
1/22/2011 03:53:56 pm

I'd be thrilled to see some designs for organic bamboo rayon/jersey - eco-chic goes retro!

1/22/2011 05:57:28 pm

Wow - what a divine giveaway. I'm a sucker for quilts, wrap around, roll around warmth and comfort. Perhaps one for a man, who says he doesn't want one but seeks them out all the same!

Kate Hammer
1/22/2011 07:21:34 pm

Sew Excited! A girl can never have enough Beautiful handmade Bags!! More Please!

1/22/2011 10:51:13 pm

I got the same reaction as you when I discover her blog. I will love to see drapes made with her beautiful fabrics, and tablecloths too.

Katie Pusch
1/23/2011 12:19:45 am

I agree with Kate on the handmade bags request. I am into the big, bottomless, slouchy bags with a bold pattern. Wonderful!

1/23/2011 12:38:55 am

I would love to see more bag patterns. I can never get enough.

1/23/2011 02:25:00 am

A lot of people have already said this, but I'd love to see boys clothes and plus size women's clothing

1/23/2011 02:55:11 am

Wow! How generous! Love her patterns.

Laura H.
1/23/2011 03:16:02 am

I would love to see some fabric jewely that looks nice as jewelry and less 'home-made looking' than what I would come up with on my own :-). I'm also loving a suggestion above regarding sewing room organizational items. Another idea I would love would be modern wall-hanging patterns.

I'm in love with the multi-task bag.

Thank you for the amazing giveaway.

1/23/2011 04:58:17 am

I would LOVE to find a new book from her, especially with clothes for women, some simple patterns, some more embellished. And of course MORE quilts: she' amazing!

1/23/2011 08:07:02 am

I would love to see some crochet patterns - you keep showing these fantastic projects and I would love to see some patterns. Also, possibly a jacket pattern to go with those unbelievable fabrics you design.

Sarah P
1/23/2011 08:42:05 am

I just love these fabrics, and patterns. The interview was lovely. I would like to see more quilt patterns.

1/23/2011 08:44:58 am

What an amazing give-away!! And such an awesome interview, too.

I would love to see some outerwear like a jacket or a longer coat so I can show off the beautiful fabrics even when it's cold out!

1/23/2011 09:20:02 am

I would love to see Anna Maria designs some Home Decor fabric with bright and refreshing color, which would make a bright room even brighter.

1/23/2011 09:32:05 am

Oh, this is perfect for me. I am the vintage, retro, green queen. I would put this to good use!

Jessica K.
1/23/2011 09:53:45 am

I would love to see her design some whimsical teacup fabrics!

1/23/2011 10:28:47 am

Yes on the outerwear!!!
Her designs would make a killer pair of wellie boots ♥

1/23/2011 11:37:09 am

Hmm, how about bath accessories like towels, shower curtains, toothbrush holders and the like? Oh, that would be cool!

1/23/2011 12:58:24 pm

I'd love to see more of her take on knitgoods ... knit as well as crochet! Her fabric is SO beautiful!

1/23/2011 05:00:57 pm

i'd love to see anna maria do a series of patterns especially for young girls. kind of assisting that next generation into crafting - groovy stuff ...anna has a few assistants in that demographic at home to try ideas out on.

Antonia S-H
1/23/2011 07:46:58 pm

I've been reading Anna Maria's blog for a couple of years now and love her stuff. I'd like to see some designs for blouses and floaty gypsy tops.

1/23/2011 08:05:17 pm

Ohhhh, how very lovely!
I'd love for Anna Maria Horner to design a pattern for a raincoat, and sell matching rubber boots. A rainy day would be so much more fun with Anna Maria's whirl of color surrounding you!

1/23/2011 08:10:06 pm

Loved the interview. I'd love to see some lovely peasant blouse patterns from Anna Maria Horner. Thanks again!

Susan McDonough
1/23/2011 08:39:17 pm

I would love to see another dress pattern or long skirt with pretty blouse. I adore the furniture that she had in her Quilt Market booth so more Home decor too!

Tammy Puccerella
1/23/2011 09:58:30 pm

Wonderful interview. I love color, it inspires me. It is nice to see patterns and ideas coming out for boys. They have been neglected for to long. Thanks for bringing it to us.

1/23/2011 10:08:22 pm

I would like to see anna maria horner come out with a second bohemian collection. I discovered her to late to get any of those fabrics. They were amazing.Thanks for letting us see a little bit about her processes.

Parise Henry
1/23/2011 10:27:42 pm

I would love to see her design lounge wear...like loose wide legged pajama pants for example and aprons. I just found out about her collection recently and I LOVE her fabrics.

Marcia Hines
1/23/2011 10:31:12 pm

Woot! I stumbled across this book/website and am delighted -- it rekindled my love of creating/sewing that has been dormant since my teen years AND echoes my appreciation of women's history and ephemera. I can't wait to get re-started now that I am a stay-at-home mom. Thanks for keeping the fire glowing.

1/23/2011 11:21:12 pm

Is it Wednesday yet? I can't wait to see who wins this great prize.

Elizabeth Rountree
1/23/2011 11:30:29 pm

Wow! I stumbled upon your Sew Retro book listing on Amazon about a month ago and was excited to have found it. I am 27 years old, recently moved to a new city, and I'm new to the world of sewing. It was exciting to find your sewing book because the projects were inspiring. I love the timeless, yet modern retro designs! Your book is on my wishlist. :-)

Then today, I stumbled upon the toy cooking set article on AOL, found out that the author was also the author of Sew Retro, and thought I really HAD to find more from this writer. (Your cooking set article hit a note with me because I was lucky enough to meet a man that loves cooking and really is a true "partner" to me in the house. It's neat/inspiring to see that you are raising a son with an awareness of possibilities, not based on previously "established" gender guidelines.)

I was excited to find your blog, and also to find out about the contest. I hope to be considered, and I do look forward to reading more from you in the future. :-)

Elizabeth R
1/23/2011 11:39:29 pm

Also, I would love to see a line of clothing patterns that blend perhaps retro style with a modern feel. So many women my age are learning to sew, and it's more acceptable and even trendy and preferred to have handmade items. Also, perhaps a line of gift item patterns would also be fun to see.

No matter what it is decided on, I'm sure it will be great :-)

Claire Giovannitti
1/24/2011 12:06:46 am

As a Mom over 40 with young, active boys; I would love patterns for chic easy to wear and make clothes and in petite sizes! Is that too much to wish for?!!

1/24/2011 12:28:25 am

I am venturing into the world of sewing for myself (gasp!) so I would love to see simple and hip clothes for women!

1/24/2011 01:55:22 am

Love this interview (love her blog, too!). I always need just that perfect, perfect, easy dress that can go from grocery shopping to dinner and still look chic. Oh, and appropriate for someone edging up on 50! Thanks for such a FABULOUS giveaway (fingers are crossed over here!)

1/24/2011 03:37:03 am

I would love to see more blouse patterns with variations on closures and neckline designs. Love the giveaway!

Mitzi Ann
1/24/2011 03:42:29 am

I think one of my favorite things about Anna Marie is that I never know what she will design next. I only know that I will like it a great deal!

1/24/2011 04:18:44 am

I'd love to see a jacket pattern. And some good little boy patterns! And knit fabric...

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

1/24/2011 04:20:28 am

I love reading AMH's blog! Such an inspiration. Her posts are always so warm, funny & frank and I always come away feeling lucky to have read whatever she's shared - even when the stories are sad on occasion.

I'm totally in love with her fabrics so I'm happy to hear there is a new line in the works. I can't wait to see what substrates it will be available in!

Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing loot!


1/24/2011 05:25:11 am

Jumper! Yes, I agree, a jumper pattern would be fabulous!

Leslie M.P.
1/24/2011 06:39:04 am

I love reading Anna Marie's blog and her books. Thanks for this great giveaway! I'm so excited!

1/24/2011 07:00:11 am

I can easily go with a cute jumper pattern or really more BAGS would be great too! I too learned to sew (I had made a dress with buttons/buttonholes by the 5th grade) and we loved to go cloth-ing - that's what we called shopping for fabric - EASTER was particularly fun for me 'cause I loved the brighter colors/prints - I've always been drawn by your prints/collections - much better than my memories!

Janet Kemper
1/24/2011 08:25:55 am

What a FANTASTIC giveaway!!! I'd love to see some kitchen stuff...aprons, valances, pot holders tableclothes!!
Also maybe some lounge pants!!

Elly Bahri
1/24/2011 09:41:32 am

WOW! What an incredibly generous giveaway! I'm such a huge fan of yours and Anna Maria Horner!

Thank you so much!

Elly B

Jenny L
1/24/2011 11:13:14 am

I would love to see some bag patterns. Great big beautiful bags you can just cram anything into and still look great lugging it around. And that will wash nicely when your toddler purposely spits chewed up Craisins into it while shopping for shoes for yourself for the the first time in 6 months. Anyways...a new bag pattern would be fun. Thanks!

Susanna Zeller
1/24/2011 11:30:00 am

I love AMH! I would love some comfy jammies for me and the kids!

1/24/2011 01:33:11 pm

I love AMH and have enjoyed following her for a few years. I have made her reversible toddler pants but would love more children's patterns. How about a pinafore for little girls?

1/24/2011 05:47:52 pm

That's amazing! Your book? And all her patterns? And fabric on top of that? Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

1/24/2011 08:08:33 pm

Love to see more bags !

Vitoria B
1/24/2011 08:09:41 pm

Love this beautiful blog.
i love to see more home decor!
Thanks for the giveaway

1/24/2011 10:22:32 pm

I would love to see her design more accessories, i.e., scarves, purses, bags. She has great ideas!

1/24/2011 10:24:55 pm

Oh, this is marvelous!

1/24/2011 11:26:12 pm

i would love to see anything anna, i can't get enough! her blog was my inspiration to start my own! i would love to see some great clothes, like modern pencil skirts or a great jacket. of course, i am a textiles sewer so you can never go wrong with new anna pillows and throws. oh! how about a crochet pattern! anna's latest blogs, and my new obsession!

1/25/2011 12:22:13 am

Slipcovers! For my dining room chairs specifically. But I think you could wrap a pile of poo in AMH fabric and it would look beyond great.

1/25/2011 02:15:04 am

I love Anna Marie Horner's fabric! I have made the socialite dress...would love to win more of her patterns.

1/25/2011 02:36:23 am

What should she design next? More of the same!! Only different! Am I being no help here? I like aprons nowadays. I'd like a comfortable, but pretty, top with cap or short sleeves. More whimsical quilts.

Thanks for the giveaway!!

1/25/2011 02:46:16 am

Wait...Anna Marie Horner designs clothes!!! I had no idea, I feel so out of the loop. How could I have missed this. I LOVE her fabric for quilting. And now I MUST look into making some clothing with AMH fabric. I would love to see AMH's take on the romper and those cute shorts that actually look like skirts.

1/25/2011 05:11:22 am

I'd love to see some AMH boy patterns! There's such a lack of cute, unique, boy patterns.

Karen S
1/25/2011 06:47:57 am

I would love to see a swing jacket.

1/25/2011 08:20:10 am

SHOES! I want to see a fresh funky take on shoes that don't have to be hell to wear - as a mum of 6 I reckon AMH would be the woman to do it :)

1/25/2011 10:50:40 am

I'd love to see a mix of her retro-mod fabrics with asian-inspired clothing design. Kimono-tops, Obi-belts, etc.

1/25/2011 11:33:44 am

There are so many of Anna Maria Horner's talents that inspire me, including her faith, family and ability to create a beautiful home. I think I would like to branch out more in the area of personal style. Thanks for the chance to win. And thanks for the great interview! Insightful.

Jen Green
1/25/2011 12:55:00 pm

I'm a huge fan of Anna, I love her bright, happy fabrics and her wearer friendly clothes she designs. But most of all I love her quilts. Modern and classic all at once. I'd love to see more quilts!

Laura Wilson
1/25/2011 09:34:50 pm

I would love to see an entire design for little boy's clothes!

1/25/2011 09:38:58 pm

Great interview! I would love to see a pattern for fabric slippers. There are a lot of patterns for knit slippers, but I have yet to find a great pattern for fabric slippers.

1/25/2011 10:17:09 pm

An easy to wear tea dress would be great.

1/26/2011 06:44:24 am

I love bags....so I would like to see more crazy hip bag ideas.

1/26/2011 02:37:25 pm

I love AMH's blog, her fabrics are amazing and her books are awesome;)I would love if she made more boy patterns, we all know they are so hard to come by. I made the adorable pants in her Handmade Beginnings book - and need to make more - my 16 mo. old is growing out of all of them:( I love them! SO easy to make and so adorable! More boy clothes please;)

2/17/2011 12:25:33 pm

I love Spoonflower and have just started designing my own fabric....I think they should have a contest for photographic material.

Polly Ann Relyea
2/19/2011 04:26:37 am

Oh, my goodness!!!! Finding Spoonflower is a dream come true!! I can hardly wait to get started. I would love to see contempory take on Van Gogh. Original designs based on his work.

2/20/2011 01:41:28 am

As an author and quilt designer who specializes in working with antique and vintage quilt blocks, it's always great to find more sources for era-specific fabrics -- especially if I can design it myself!

2/20/2011 05:35:04 am

It has been so thrilling to find Spoonflower! Like a dream come true!

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11/23/2020 04:07:31 am

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12/12/2020 05:35:48 am

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