I know, I know . . . you're all eagerly waiting (I had to go running, take a shower, and eat lunch, and I missed the noon deadline!). I just picked the winner at random (literally, I scrolled up and down the comments with my eyes closed and just clicked and then opened my eyes).

The winner is . . . Julie Witt! Julie says that her goal is to design her own pattern, in either sewing, knitting, or crocheting. I think you should take that as a challenge, Julie, and make it happen! In fact, I loved reading all of your goals. What an inspired bunch! Thanks for sharing your goals, and I hope writing them down (on a public forum) gives you the push you need to accomplish them.

These giveways are my favorite thing ever, so I hope to keep doing them.

Julie, I'll be in touch via email about getting you your winnings.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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