So I tried to use Random Number Generator (I even got the widget) but then when I plugged in the numbers in my blog edit mode (and it gave me a number), I couldn't make that show up live. I obviously need to research more how to use it! Anyway, you'll just have to trust me that when I did it, it tossed out random # 144, which when I counted the 150 comments, that was Gail Goodhand. Congrats, Gail! I have your email and will be contacting you shortly about getting you the book, and having the folks at Spoonflower work with you on fabric.
Thanks everyone for entering! Please keep checking back for more giveaways.

Gail Goodhand
2/23/2011 01:27:20 pm

Thank you so much! And Bless the random number generater. (I know spelling!)
I'm looking forward to getting the book, so many great ideas it has!
It may take me a while to decide on the fabric, the is just so many great ones to choose from.
Thank you again,
Gail Goodhand


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