Okay, so this picture of my little Georgia really has nothing to do with this post, but it's so cute, I can't resist!

Now that 2010 is coming to a close, I'm ready to start thinking about 2011 and where I want to take my business, as well as this blog. Some writer friends of mine have been discussing our Wildly Improbable Goals for 2011 (I believe life coach Martha Beck has coined this phrase). I think my WIG for 2011 is to launch a line of patterns. Having this as my WIG helps me focus my efforts a little better, and understand what skills I need to work on. For the first time in a while, I'm excited about the possibilities (instead of being bummed out by the limitations of the freelance writing industry).

As part of that, I want to keep providing insightful and helpful blog content. Here are just a few things I have planned for 2011 (both specific and general):
  • A Q&A and giveaway with Anna Maria Horner (coming very soon!)
  • More Q&As and giveaways with designers (I love doing Q&As because I get to ask people I admire all kinds of questions I'm dying to know!)
  • A roundup of good places to find ideas for sewing for boys (working on this now).
  • More free pattern downloads and tutorials, particularly in the area of toddler boys' clothing/accessories, such as the toddler apron pattern I just developed. I'm seeing a real hole in the industry here (as I work on the above-mentioned roundup). And since I have a toddler boy, I want to do my part to fill that hole! My next goal is developing a good toddler fleece vest pattern.
  • More book/pattern reviews.
  • More advice and tips about craft book publishing.
  • More discussions about the history/evolution of sewing and how that history is still impacting the lives of women and our decisions and opportunities.
I feel good about 2011, and I hope you do, too. Happy New Year!
1/3/2011 05:53:48 am

Looks like you have some interesting and fun stuff coming up! Just found you recently. ps baby girl is adorable!! :)

1/4/2011 12:46:29 pm

Thanks for your nice comments! Hope you keep following the blog.

2/1/2011 01:29:07 am

It is amazing to me how sewing fell out of fashion for a while and not its a cool, hip thing to do. Even ten years ago when I was in high school, sewing was not considered very cool. Now it seems like a whole new generation is jumping on board! The sad thing is, many women don't have a mom or grandma to teach them to sew since sewing fell out of fashion for a couple of generations.


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