My sister-in-law, Bobbie Jo, took this picture. Isn't she amazing?
Thanks to everyone who put up with my incessant Twitter posts about my Sew Retro Facebook “like” contest (I was trying to get up 300 people in the last week of August to give away a free book). I made it—340! The last 50 came last night after my writer friend, Kris Bordessa (thanks, Kris!) posted something on Attainable Sustainable’s page (you can also check out their site here—it’s pretty great).

The winner is Rachel Heiser, who I emailed through Facebook to let her know that she won. Congrats, Rachel!

It’s sort of obnoxious to ask people to “like” your page over and over again—I know this. But I set it as a challenge because I’ve been in a mini-funk these last few weeks, as I get ready for the next phase of my copywriting business. My coach, Darla LeDoux, is always taking about the power of setting an intention: specifically, when you state something clearly and boldly (without all of the qualifying language, like “well, maybe I might . . .” or “I mean, I might try . . .”), that energy becomes real and that thing becomes real and you find a way to make it happen.

I believe this, but I often don’t remember it. So, my little Facebook contest (“I WILL get 300 fans by August 31st!”) was one of a series of intention exercises for me.

Of course, you should have a purpose behind your intentions. So, for this one, my purpose is to share Sew Retro with readers, because I think it’s a fun book and I love the idea of people having a place to connect and comment on the book, or to comment on their own history of sewing. It goes to my larger mission of helping people connect through stories, which is what my copywriting business is about.

Intentions also help you stay on track. When I was struggling to get to my 300 fans, I clicked around on some other sewing Facebook pages. I saw, for example, Amy Butler’s page  had more than 12,000 “likes!” I mean, she is fabulous. Of course 12,000+ people like her on Facebook. But why don’t they like me? What’s wrong with me? And so begins the spiraling-down/comparison thinking. But, because I had set a specific intention, I could remind myself: I set an intention to get 300 likes, not 12,000. I set an intention to move from A to B, not A to W.

Putting an intention out there in the universe also gets good mojo on your side. People—random people or people you know—help you get there. For example, my friend Kris posting something is what got me those last 10 likes I needed (plus 40 more). I don’t even know Kris that well; we’ve met at writers' conferences. She doesn’t have any ulterior motive, other than just helping another writer because she can relate. It’s just about an energy exchange. That happens all of the time—if you just let it (and aren’t suspicious of it).

I think intention-setting can be a very powerful tool for anyone—whether you’re setting intentions around your parenting skills, your fabric business, your fitness, or just about anything. But—and this is important--your intentions can’t be vague, half-believed, or unstated.

For example, I have an income goal for this year, and I started to freak out that I wouldn’t reach it because I’ve been slow for a few weeks. So instead of being stressed and just saying things like “I need to be busier,” I added everything up that I’ve made (or is contracted) this year, and came up with the specific amount (literally, to the dollar) that I need to make for the remainder of the year. I wrote it down, said it aloud, and shared it with my accountability group. Most importantly, I believe it.

Do you have an intention for yourself or your business? Set one today!

First visit to your blog. How had I missed it before?

I am right with you on this today. I had an intention related to my blog for August that I was easily reaching. But then I let the "mind gremlins" come in during the last week and guess what? They took over the intention and I didn't reach my goal. It really hit home for me how potent our intentions and thoughts can me.

9/1/2011 01:19:43 am


I "Like" you and your blogs and your books and your insights!

I have a formula I learned from another seminar its simply;

Intentions = Results

Simple but powerful.


Judi K
9/1/2011 11:46:33 pm

Brian, that's a great formula! Thanks for "liking" me (and liking me) :-)

JulieAnn, thanks for your comments. I love the phrase "mind gremlins!"



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