Actually, she probably did, because my mother pretty much tells it like it is. But I probably wasn’t listening because I’m a bit of a Pollyanna.

But here’s what I’ve figured out in the 19 days since my dear daughter’s birth: having two kids (spaced two years apart) is really, really, REALLY hard. The two-year-old is reaching a new level of mischief and naughtiness and the baby is, well, a newborn, which means she is an unending ball of need. Oh, there are moments where I look at the two of them, so sweet, and wonder how I am so lucky, like this rare moment of bliss! .
But those moments are few and far between on a day like today, when getting anything done seems impossible and all three of us have spent half the morning crying! My husband is a stay-at-home-dad, which is an awesome situation (we realize how lucky we are). But nonetheless, it’s challenging, especially since I’m trying to transition back to work (but realize I can’t very well leave him to tend to Max, plus a screaming infant).
 So, I’m taking a few minutes to turn to patchwork. I want to make a tiny patchworked iPod holder (I’ll put up the tutorial when I’m finished), but it’s hard to get inspired to sit at the sewing machine today, even amidst all of this lovely pink and black fabric.

 I guess it’s just one day at a time, right? Right? Sigh.

9/28/2010 05:57:21 am

Hang in there, Judi! It will definitely get easier! My two children are 18 months apart, and I clearly remember those days when we spent most of our time crying. But, in no time at all, you'll be in a routine! I hope it happens fast for you!

10/3/2010 08:33:41 pm

thank you for sharing - I've been thinking about what gap to leave between my nearly 2 year old and a next, but now I know the answer is quite simply, longer, LOL


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